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What Causes Migraine Headaches?

Stop! You Are Giving Me a Headache!

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A headache is a normal, occasional occurrence. A migraine, however, is not. A migraine headache is a recurring, throbbing headache with great intensity. It typically affects one side of the head and can be accompanied with nausea and blurred vision. For some it can confine them to bed for several days losing time at work and quality time with family and friends.

If migraines are “paralyzing”, confining you to bed what causes them? Most migraine sufferers know that reducing noise and light alleviate some of the throbbing. Migraine sufferers have usually tried multiple solutions to get relief. But, if they could find the source of the migraine, they might be more effective in treating the migraine. So what are some of the causes?

  • Genetics and environmental factors seem to play a large role, although medical practitioners don’t seem to have a full understanding of what causes migraines yet.
  • Serotonin levels, changes in the brainstem and its interaction with the trigeminal nerve, and hormonal changes especially in women can be traced as some of the genetic factors causing migraines.
  • Environmental factors that can bring on a migraine headache are numerous. Some of them are easily controlled, such as light, noise, smells, and diet. Monitoring levels of light and noise around you can decrease your chances of suffering from a migraine. Most of the time we can eliminate foul or strong odors from our environment; our personal care products are perhaps the most frequent offender and the easiest one to remove. Dietary changes are also relatively easy to make. Eliminating alcohol, caffeine, food additives and preservatives, and processed foods may wipe out your chances of indulging in some of your favorite foods and beverages; but, the trade off will almost certainly be worth it.
MigraGone ~ Natural Migraine Relief
MigraGone ~ Natural Migraine Relief

Other factors aren’t so easy to control. Changes in barometric pressure which usher in sudden weather changes are out of our control. Spikes in migraines tend to occur in conjunction with these changing weather conditions. Physical exertion and interruptions in sleep patterns can prompt a migraine. Sometimes we have more control than others over these factors. It is in our best interest to eradicate some of the stressors that can interrupt sleep patterns and cause us to become physically exhausted. Does that mean we eliminate exercise? NO! Studies are conclusive that exercise is beneficial for us physically, mentally, and emotionally. Physical exertion usually comes from us pushing ourselves too hard at work and not setting realistic expectations with our schedule. It has nothing to do with too much exercise.

In summary, many of these factors are controllable. Monitoring our lifestyle can be our best solution to eliminating many of the triggers that cause migraines. Decreasing the likelihood will certainly increase your mood. From the Lion King “Don’t worry, be happy.” Control what you can and don’t stress about the rest.

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