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Yeast Infection (Candida)

A Holistic Healing Approach

healthNot only are yeast infections extremely annoying, they’re also embarrassing. When left untreated, yeast infections can also cause pain. If you’re suffering from a yeast infection known as Candida albicans, immediate relief may not be possible because it is a strong and stubborn type of fungus. What you buy over the counter – the more popular treatments – won’t provide instant relief.

What Influences Candida Overgrowth?

If left untreated, Candida albicans could give rise to a host of serious health problems in addition to chronic yeast infections. Don’t be misled. Not all yeast are bad; in fact Candida albicans is already present in your body – typically on your skin or in the digestive tract. In women, it resides in the vagina. When we’re healthy, our good bacteria are supposed to maintain balance and monitor the Candida albicans yeast so it doesn’t multiply out of proportion.

One of the most important things you can do to avoid and also eliminate a yeast infection, is to change your diet. The changes you make to your diet, lesser amounts of unhealthy foods and changes in your pH cause the Candida albicans to disappear. You should feel a marked improvement in two weeks.

Note that bacteria in the gut and in the digestive tract number in the trillions; so sometimes, it is difficult to achieve the perfect balance. This balance is disrupted when we take too many antibiotics, consume a lot of sugar or take contraceptives. These and other factors cause an imbalance eventually leading to yeast cultures that spread throughout the body.

Probiotics: Great Enemies of Antibiotics

Medical researchers agree that maintaining a healthy balance of good bacteria and fungi is the key.

This is why Fundamental Probiotic is the great idea.  Every time we take antibiotics, we lose our “good soldiers” or healthy bacteria. When we lose them, bad bacteria freely roam inside our body.

An experiment was conducted on mice who were made to drink water that was injected with antibiotics. After they were injected with antibiotics, the mice’s microflora was significantly disturbed. Bacteria and fungi were soon found in their digestive tracts. An increased number of fungal cultures appeared in the mice over a short period of time. One of the more prominent yeasts found in them was Candida.

Like mice, a person’s immune system is compromised when the microflora in their system is disrupted; yeast infections result.

There is nothing wrong with antibiotics. They are definitely effective against certain diseases and infections. But everything done in excess can potentially cause health problems.

What Happens When Your Body Has Too Much Yeast?

Two things can happen:

  • The intestinal lining becomes weaker. It is thus unable to ward off toxins and allergens.
  • You begin to crave lots of sugar – yeast infections thrive in a “sugary” atmosphere.

As you crave more sugar and eat it, the more the yeast cultures grow. It then turns into a vicious cycle. The more yeast cultures there are, the weaker your intestinal walls become.

When Candida settles, at least 79 different toxins are released by the body’s metabolic processes. These toxins enter the bloodstream making victims feel sluggish and lousy. People with chronic yeast infections have high amounts of two particular toxins – alcohol and acetaldehyde – giving people that “drunken feeling.”

Moreover, the acetaldehyde is responsible for the mental anxieties and concentration problems in people because this toxin interferes with a neurotransmitter.

Protection from Yeast Infections

How do you prevent yeast infections?

  1. Change your diet and get plenty of exercise. Choose a diet that is rich in rawguru-5102_4 (1)poultry, meat, eggs, leafy vegetables, legumes and nuts. Avoid too much sugar and carbohydrates. This will deprive the yeast of what it likes best and will eventually die off. Combining your healthy diet with regular physical exercise will enhance the activity of neurotransmitters and make your brain healthier. You should also begin to feel better about yourself, as the down swings in your mood will diminish.
  2. Pump your body with healthy bacteria. Make an effort to increase your probiotics (good bacteria) by taking a holistic formulation like Fundamental Probiotic. This product contains all the good bacteria you need to keep your vagina and digestive tract healthy.
  3. Minimize your exposure to chemicals and pollutants. Our modern environment has produced a lot of substances and chemicals. They are present in most household products like cleaners, toiletries and cosmetics, and insecticides. They cause allergies; people with yeast over growths are particularly susceptible.

Win the battle against Candida albicans by making the changes we recommend above. Only a healthy lifestyle will make your and your immune system stronger.


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