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Pristine Beauty Locks of Fame Conditioner Review

All Natural & Chemical-Free Conditioner

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Pristine Beauty

In the contemporary world the process of washing and nourishing the hair has become ritualistic.  All over the world people enter the shower and immediately start by shampooing their hair, some rinse and repeat while others don’t, but no hair care routine is complete without the use of a conditioner. A conditioner is the cherry to the hair care sundae, and it puts the finishing and nourishing touches on the hair care ritual. Pristine Beauty has created one of the best natural conditioners, Locks of Fame, and it contains some of the most beneficial natural ingredients that support healthy hair. It very well might be the best smelling conditioner on the market, and the natural ingredients that it uses may also help to stimulate hair growth.

Locks of Fame Conditioner uses these natural ingredients:

  • Comfrey Root stimulates hair growth, and it is rich in Vitamin A. It may help to fight dryness within the hair, and it also nourishes the scalp and may reduce the occurrence of dandruff. Many people also use Comfrey root to help keep the hair detangled.
  • Burdock Root contains a number of beneficial ingredients, like tannins and inulin. Burdock is commonly used to promote healthy hair growth.
  • Rose Hips are a great way to fight dried out and damaged hair. It may help to moisturize and restore a damaged scalp, and rose hips may also help to reduce the occurrence of dandruff.
  • Rosemary has a wonderful natural smell, and it has been used for centuries to support healthy hair in Mediterranean communities. It is frequently used to help with hair growth, and it works by dilating the blood vessels and supporting cell division.

There are also a number of other beneficial ingredients in Locks of Fame, but most importantly there are no chemicals. Many conditioners on the market contain harmful chemicals that can damage the hair and scalp, but Locks of Fame uses only the purest and safest ingredients.

If you aren’t using a natural conditioner the daily hair care ritual that you partake in isn’t complete. Pristine Beauty Locks of Fame is a great chemical free conditioner that uses natural ingredients that may help to fight dried and damaged hair. These ingredients may also help to support a healthy scalp, and some may even help to stimulate hair growth.


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