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Feeling Down? Give the Gift of Giving!

Helping Someone May Lift You Up!

kidsSometimes, our mood just sinks, and we feel a bit blue. Often there are circumstances that lead us to this sullen mental state such as health or financial issues, the loss of a friend or family member, troubles at work, in relationships or other family problems, etc. Other times, we might not be able to identify the cause exactly, we’re just feeling down and aren’t quite sure how to get back to being a chipper version of ourselves. This can be more problematic over the holidays when depression is on the rise in general, meanwhile the expectation from those around us seem to demand that we bring out the jolly joyful face and spread the love around, right? Well, its not always so easy as to simply decide to not be so down and just lighten up, and that’s okay. You are entitled to your emotions whatever they may be, but if they get too intense or seem to be a little out of control, do know that there is help available—talk to a friend, loved one, counselor, physician or even call a hotline to speak to a trained professional such as the National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255.

One rather effective way that often helps people when they are feeling a bit down is too help others in need . There’s a wonderful feeling we get when we take time and effort to help others, and while it’s great if we get to see the smile it brings to their face, the joy and gratitude they may exude, but really it’s all about knowing that your effort made someone’s heartday a little better. It’s not too difficult to reach out and touch someone’s life—it can be a friend, family member or neighbor who needs a little help. You could contact a local nonprofit and seek volunteer opportunities such as helping out at habitat for humanity, working in a day care or animal shelter, cooking at a homeless shelter, visiting a nursing home and read to patients or just sit with them and share stories.

At any time, on any day, there is always an opportunity to reach out beyond your world and make someone else’s day a little brighter. Write a kind letter to someone important to you or deliver a plant or a favorite dish to someone you love—do any little thing that brightens others around you, and you’ll find that the natural consequence is wonderful. A little smile will start to form on your face, too. Giving is contagious—pass it on.

Here is a list of some of our favorite charities! Charities


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