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VitaVault Review

What is VitaVault?

Read on, and you’ll find it’s one of the most convenient ways to store vitamins there is.VitaVault-Vitamin-Dispenser

Vitamins and other pills are essential to your health.  Every day you open and close multiple bottles of vitamins and supplements.  Often times a bottle is lost in the back of a cabinet or underneath the kitchen table.  And then,  after you struggle to find your vitamin bottle from the back of the cabinet, you are surprised by a bottle that seems to have magically exploded once you’ve opened it. Keeping your vitamins and supplements organized at times can seem daunting, but it just got a lot easier with the VitaVault vitamin dispenser.

VitaVault is the premier way to keep your vitamins and other pills organized.  It is easy to load and easy to dispense, so you won’t have to waste any more time opening and closing bottles.  VitaVault has six different compartments, and holds up to 60 days worth of vitamins.  It is easily filled through the top, and then dispenses your pills from the bottom.  VitaVault has a clear front so you are able to identify which compartment the vitamin you want is in.  In case some of your supplements look similar VitaVault has convenient tags to mark each section, and VitaVault is almost impossible to spill.

Are you afraid that VitaVault won’t hold all the vitamins you take on a daily basis?  Don’t worry, it’s stackable.  The bottom of one VitaVault fits perfectly into the top of the next.  It measures 2.5 inches x 5 inches x 9 inches, so it holds the maximum amount of vitamins in the most minimal amount of space.

Keep your life and your vitamins organized with the American made VitaVault.


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