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The Importance of Exercise

Exercise & Preventative Health

What if someone told you that you can improve your health, lose weight and be happier for free?  Well, it is possible! Whether it is walking around your neighborhood a few times per week or befriending the treadmill at your local gym, exercise elderly-couple-stretchingis your ticket to a vast array of health benefits.  Here are some big reasons to implement a regular exercise routine into your schedule today.

Exercise and Disease Prevention:

Research has proven that any amount of exercise is good for you and your heart. Regular exercise strengthens your heart muscle, increases your “good cholesterol” known as HDL, lowers your “bad cholesterol” known as LDL, lowers blood pressure and increases your blood flow. All of these positive effects help to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure.

Psychological Benefits of Exercise:

Much like the wide variety of diseases that exercise helps ward off, it does the same for your mental state.  Chances are once you get into a regular pattern of exercise, you will feel more energetic, have better self esteem and less anxiety and depression. Stress alone brings a host of health problems and exercise can directly ease your stress level and make you less tense.

Maintain Healthy Body Weight:

This may seem like an obvious perk of exercising, and when you look at the other benefits of regular exercise, this really seems like the icing on the cake! Remember though, that all of this hard work your weight loss goals should be matched with a healthy and balanced diet full of nutrients.

Exercise Helps You Sleep Better:

Fatigue is a growing problem among adults. Busy lives, stressful jobs and a tough economy are just a few things keeping people awake at night. When you work out, you allow your body to release the stresses of the day and your mind and body will feel more at ease, opening the door for a more abundant nights sleep. And if you are well rested each day, the more energize you will be to continue exercising!

Are you new to the idea of planning a regular exercise routine? Remember to set reasonable goals, enjoy your new found strength and pace yourself. Please be sure to consult with your doctor to devise an effective and safe plan.


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