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Radius - Toothbrush - Kidz (6 yrs +) - Very Soft - Right Hand

BPA Free - Comfort Grip!
Product is for 1 brush. Photo shows color varieties.
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Radius - Toothbrush - Kidz (6 yrs +)

Kidz - Safe and Effective - Very Soft

Benefits of Radius Kidz

  • Gently Cleans
  • Supports Proper Technique
  • BPA Free
  • Made of FDA Approved Plastic
  • Made in the USA

Radius Kidz is a toothbrush for children that is based off of the award winning Radius Original. Kidz is the perfect toothbrush for your child. It has very soft bristles that won't damage the mouth the same way hard bristles can, and its unique design is the perfect way to promote the proper brushing techniques. Kidz is safe for your child, and it is made with FDA approved plastic that is BPA free. This is the perfect toothbrush for the child that is learning to brush on their own.

The design of Kidz is a scaled down version of the Radius Original. The award winning design rests in the palm and is held in place by the convenient and comfortable thumb rest. This is one of the most comfortable and enjoyable toothbrushes for children. The angle of the neck helps to keep the brush at the proper and most beneficial angle, and the oval head helps to reduce pressure. This is a great toothbrush for the child that brushes a little too hard.

The bristles are very soft, and the head contains up to three times more bristles than normal children's toothbrushes. The soft bristles help to limit the damage that can be caused by hard brushing or by stiff and hard bristles. The wide head gently massages the gums while it effectively cleans the teeth.

Kidz toothbrush also doesn't contain the harmful chemicals, like BPA, that can be found in many plastic products. BPA may cause numerous conditions and ailments, and it may negatively affect the cardiovascular system, the digestive system, and the reproductive organs.

Radius Kidz is so great at cleaning the teeth, removing plaque, and protecting the mouth from gingivitis that the American Dental Association "Accepted" Kidz.

It can be hard for children to get used to brushing their teeth, but Radius Kidz has a unique design that helps to promote proper and effective brushing techniques. It is safe for children, and it has very soft bristles. Make sure your child is brushing their teeth the right way with Radius Kidz.

Radius Kidz is made in America to ensure quality, purity, and safety.

Contains: Radius toothbrush for kids.

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UPC Code085178110010

Contains: Radius toothbrush for kids.


Directions: Use as normal.

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