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Radius - Floss Sachets - Vegan Antibacterial Cranberry - Round Floss - 20 per pack

100% Vegan Round Floss. 20 Single use floss perfect for travel.
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Radius Floss Sachets - Vegan Cranberry Floss

Vegan Cranberry Floss Sachet - 100% Vegan Dental Floss

Benefits of Radius Vegan Cranberry Floss Travel Pack

  • Great for Travel - contains 20
  • Coated in 100% Natural Candelilla Wax
  • Round and Gentle to Reduce Gum Bleeding
  • 15% More Floss Than Most Brands
  • No Animal Testing
  • Made in the USA

Radius Vegan Cranberry Floss Sachet Travel Pack is vegan dental floss that isn't coated with beeswax or other animal products. Flossing your teeth is one of the best ways to promote oral health. It helps to remove food particles and bacteria that can't be reached by a toothbrush, and this floss also has antibacterial flavonoids. Vegan Cranberry Floss is round, so it is gentle on the gums and won't cause the bleeding that ribbon floss often does.

Vegan Cranberry Floss Contains:

  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • No Preservatives
  • No Artificial Color
  • No Artificial Flavors
  • No GMO Ingredients
  • No Gluten

Why Use Vegan Dental Floss?

Pure Encapsulations Radius Floss Sachets are individually packaged floss that are vegan and naturally flavored with cranberry. It is made with no animal products, and is instead made with super soft nylon. It is also coated with candelilla plant wax, and this makes it easier to get the floss into densely spaced teeth.

Radius floss doesn't contain any chemicals, which is a great alternative to floss that regularly contains perfluorinated chemicals. Perfluorinated chemicals can cause harm to the reproductive system, immune system, and liver.

These floss sachets are also naturally flavored with cranberry. Cranberry is a great addition to floss, because it helps to fight bacteria within the mouth. It works by inhibiting bacteria's ability to attach itself to the teeth and gums. It is also beneficial for the gums, and it may help to reduce the occurrence of gum disease. It may also help to reduce the amount of plaque on the teeth. This natural cranberry flavor also doesn't leave behind any acid or sugar, and it is naturally sweetened with xylitol. Xylitol is an extract from birch bark, and it is a wonderful alternative to sugar. Many believe that it is just as sweet as sugar, but it has 40 percent fewer calories. Unlike sugar, it also doesn't cause harm to the enamel and is less likely to create cavities.

Radius Floss Sachets help you to floss while you're on the road. These individual floss packages provide you with the perfect amount of natural and vegan floss, and they are also naturally flavored with cranberry and sweetened with xylitol.

Flossing is a great way to promote oral health. Throughout the day food and bacteria can get into the crevices in between your teeth, and it is impossible for a toothbrush to reach these areas. Radius floss isn't made with any animal products, and it is also chemical free. It has a wonderful natural cranberry flavor, which also helps to fight bacteria, and it is also naturally sweetened with xylitol. Radius Floss Sachets are the perfect alternative to plastic dental floss. Those chemical laden dental floss have rough edges and are made out of sharp plastic, and they can very easily lead to cuts and gum damage. Radius Floss Sachets are great for the person constantly on the move. They are compact, can be easily used at the most convenient times, and they provide the perfect amount of floss.

Cranberry essence is also a great natural ingredient for floss, because it may help to stop bacteria from attaching to the surface of the teeth. Cranberry may help to reduce gum disease, because it may help to reduce plaque's ability to cling to teeth. Although this floss has cranberry, it won't leave any acid or sugar on the teeth.

Food particles, plaque, and bacteria build up between the teeth, and flossing is the best way to remove these detrimental substances. Radius Vegan Cranberry Floss is vegan floss that contains cranberry essence, so it can help to reduce bacteria and plaque from attaching to the teeth. It also contains no chemical or animal based coatings.

Radius Vegan Cranberry Floss Sachet Travel Pack is made in America.

Contains: 20 single use Radius cranberry floss.

Candelilla plant wax, Natural USA-made Xylitol, Natural Cranberry Essence.

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Contains: 20 single use Radius cranberry floss.

Candelilla plant wax, Natural USA-made Xylitol, Natural Cranberry Essence.


Directions: Use as normal.

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