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Pure Encapsulations - Digestion GB

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Pure Encapsulations - Digestion GB

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Blend of bile salts, digestive enzymes, and herbal extracts to support healthy gallbladder.*
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Made by Pure Encapsulations
Pure Encapsulations Digestion GB 180 Capsules

Pure Encapsulations - Digestion GB - 180 Capsules

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Pure Encapsulations Digestion GB 180 Capsules

Pure Encapsulations - Digestion GB - 90 Capsules

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Pure Encapsulations Digestion GB

Supports the Digestion of Fats

Benefits of Pure Encapsulations Digestion GB

  • Supports Healthy Digestion
  • Supports the Liver
  • Great for the Gallbladder
  • Made in the USA

Pure Encapsulations Digestion GB is a digestive support supplement that helps the body to properly breakdown fats.

Healthy digestion is essential to maintaining a healthy body that is well nourished. Digestion helps to process foods, and when digestion isn't functioning properly numerous pains and discomforts can occur. Digestion GB contains enzymes, taurine, ox bile, and other herbs that help to support healthy digestion.

Digestion GB is a great source for enzymes that are used within the digestive system to support healthy and complete digestion. These enzymes include:

  • Lipase is used to help the digestive system breakdown fat. Fats can be found in the digestive tract in large pieces that are hard for the body to breakdown, and lipase can help to properly digest fats. The lipase in this supplement has been enhanced for better digestion.
  • Protease supports the digestion of proteins. It is important to completely digest proteins, because they can get stuck in the digestive system and cause damage.
  • Amylase is used by the digestive system to help process carbohydrates, and this may help to provide energy to the body.

Pure Encapsulations Digestion GB also contains other ingredients that may help to support the liver, gallbladder, and healthy digestion. It contains ox bile, which further supports the digestion of fats. The body depends on bile to properly digest fats, and ox bile may help to emulsify the fats and make it easier for the body to digest.

Taurine can also be found in Digestion GB, and taurine may help to support healthy liver function. It is also an antioxidant, so it can help to fight free radicals within the body. Free radicals attack healthy cells by altering cellular DNA. They can cause cancer and premature aging, so it is important to fight them with antioxidants.

Digestion GB further supports the liver and digestion with milk thistle and turmeric. Milk Thistle is a great way to support the liver, and it has been used for health support for over 2000 years. It may help to protect the liver from toxins, and it may also help to regenerate liver cells. Milk thistle is also sometimes used to help reduce liver swelling and pain, and it may help with alcohol induced liver damage. Milk thistle is also an antioxidant, so it is a great way to fight free radicals.

Turmeric also has a long history of health support, and it may help to support the digestive system. It may help to relieve indigestion by helping to fight gas and bloating. It also offers support for ulcers, and it may help to relief the pain that accompanies ulcers. Digestion helps to breakdown the foods that you consume, and proper digestion is essential to complete health. Digestion GB is a great way to support the digestion of fats, but it may also help the body to digest proteins and carbohydrates, and it offers liver support.

Pure Encapsulations Digestion GB is made in America to ensure quality, purity, and safety.

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Additional Information
SKU Pure-Encapsulations-DGB1-9780-Grouped

Directions: 1-2 capsules with each meal.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 capsules
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
n zimes (proprietary blend)
providing: lipase
160 mg
6000 FIP
16,000 HUT
600 DU
ox bile powder (bovine) 225 mg  
taurine (free-form) 250 mg  
milk thistle (silybum marianum) extract (seed)
(standardized to contain 80% silymarin)
150 mg  
turmeric (curcuma longa) extract (root)
(standardized to contain 95% curcuminoids)
100 mg  
ascorbyl palmitate (fat-soluble vitamin C) 20 mg  
* Daily value not established

Other Ingredients: hypo-allergenic plant fiber (cellulose), vegetarian capsule (cellulose, water).

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