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Pure Encapsulations - Cortisol Calm

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Pure Encapsulations - Cortisol Calm

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Promotes positive mood, relaxation, restful sleep and support healthy cortisol levels.*
*Results May Vary
Made by Pure Encapsulations
Pure Encapsulations Cortisol Calm - 120 Caps

Pure Encapsulations - Cortisol Calm - 120 Capsules

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Pure Encapsulations Cortisol Calm - 120 Caps

Pure Encapsulations - Cortisol Calm - 60 Capsules

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*Results May Vary

Pure Encapsulations Cortisol Calm

Cortisol Calm - Supports Stress Management

Benefits of Cortisol Calm

  • May Help to Regulate Cortisol Levels
  • Supports Alpha Brain Waves
  • May Help with Fatigue and Depression
  • Made in the USA

Pure Encapsulations Cortisol Calm is a natural stress supplement that may help to regulate cortisol levels and help ease stress.

There are numerous stressors in your life, whether it is work or family related you frequently encounter stress. Stress can have a number of negative side effects, including fatigue and depression. When the body becomes stressed it releases cortisol, so it is important to regulate cortisol within the body. Cortisol Calm utilizes a number of natural ingredients that may help to support healthy cortisol levels and help to fight stress.

What Ingredients are in Cortisol Calm?


One of the many ingredients in Cortisol Calm is Ashwagandha. Ashwaghandha is an Ayurvedic herb, and it may help the body to better handle stress. It is adaptogenic, which means that it is used to help the body to cope with stress. It may help to support relaxation and healthy c-reactive protein activity. Ashwagandha may also support the immune system by helping to increase the amount of cells that fight dangerous pathogens. It may also help to produce red blood cells and to fight inflammation.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is also found in Cortisol Calm, and it helps to support healthy adrenal activity and cortisol levels. It may help to fight stress, and it may also help to reduce fatigue and support healthy concentration. Rhodiola may also help to limit the negative effects of stress on the cardiovascular system, and this can be a great benefit for those with or at risk for heart disease.


When trying to fight stress it is also important to support healthy alpha wave activity within the brain. L-Theanine may offer support for stress by helping to support alpha wave activity. Alpha waves are found within the brain, and they help to keep the brain calm. L-Theanine may help to fight stress without making the body and mind feel drowsy, and studies have shown that l-theanine may help to regulate a healthy heartbeat during times of stress.


Magnolia also helps to the body to maintain healthy cortisol levels, and it may help with stress. Many cultures also used magnolia as a natural way to help with stress, and it works by helping to regulate chemicals within the brain. Magnolia may also help to support healthy liver function.

Vitamin D3

Cortisol Calm also contains Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 has numerous benefits, and recent studies have shown that it may help to promote healthy cortisol production within the adipocytes. Vitamin D3 also supports healthy cells in the body by helping to fight antioxidants and supporting cell differentiation. Vitamin D3 may also offer support for the immune system.

You encounter stress just about every day, and it can cause you to become fatigued or depressed. Pure Encapsulations Cortisol Calm contains natural ingredients that help to support healthy cortisol levels, and they may help to fight stress. If you find yourself constantly succumbing to the effects of stress try Cortisol Calm.

Pure Encapsulations Cortisol Calm is made in America to ensure quality, purity, and safety.

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Additional Information
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Directions: 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening, with meals.

Do not take if pregnant or lactating.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 capsules
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
vitamin D (as cholecalciferol)(D3) 800 iu  
Sensoril ashwagandha (withania somnifera) extract (root and leaf) 500 mg  
rhodiola (rhodiola rosea) extract (root)
(standardized to contain 3% total rosavins and min. 1% salidroside)
250 mg  
magnolia (magnolia officinalis) extract (bark)
(standardized to contain 2% honokiol)
200 mg  
l-theanine 100 mg  
ascorbyl palmitate (fat-soluble vitamin C) 20 mg  
* Daily value not established

Other Ingredients: vegetarian capsule (cellulose, water)

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