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Vaxa Clearin (Natural Acne Treatment)

Vaxa Clearin (Natural Acne Treatment)

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Doesn't get nay better
Jody posted on 5/23/2011
Let me begin by saying that the staff at Earth Turns are excellent. Had a paypal issue. Josh & Jeremy were great and the issue resolved quickly. Now, for the product. My son, @ 17 went to a dermatologist for cystic acne & prescribed an antibiotic with so-so results over the long term. I would tell him to take a holiday from the antibiotics if the outbreak was mild, but he never stopped completely. Now at age 24 and a Grad student, enter Clearing. Within 2 weeks we began to see improvement. At 4 weeks his complexion looks better then it ever has. We are super pleased. Just an FYI the face does dry out with the initial dosing but that clears within a few days. I can't recommend this enough for those of you with teens or suffer from acne yourself. NO MORE ANTIBIOTIC!! Thank you Earth Turns for your phenomenal customer service & super fast shipping. I waited until my second order to do the product review so there was ample time to observe the result. Customer for life here.