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Nutiva - Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Oil

Nutiva - Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Oil

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If you have any inflammation, BUY this product and take it consistently!
Julie posted on 10/25/2017
My husband and I have been taking 1 tsp a day for a little over a week now. This stuff helps with inflammation in amazing ways! My husband fell off a building 10 ft and landed on his feet in which, caused him to shatter his foot. It causes him a lot of pain and swelling daily. Since taking this stuff every day, he has noticed his pain is almost completely gone and swelling is gone totally. My back doesn't ache near as much. We don't notice the "afternoon crash" as much either. So it's safe to say it gives us a little energy. If you have any type of inflammation, we highly recommend this product. It does not taste great. However, you do eventually get use to it. Just be consistent with it. As much as it helps, it's definitely worth the grassy taste. We love this stuff!