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Irwin Naturals - Carb Blocker (3-in-1) Maximum Strength

Irwin Naturals - Carb Blocker (3-in-1) Maximum Strength

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Carb Blocker - Highly Recommend
Carmen posted on 6/6/2016
As a Diabetic, I've tried many other "Carb Blocker" type of pills and I have to say this one by far has worked the best for me. I can eat pasta, breads, even have a scoop of ice cream and my blood glucose does not go through the roof. You do have to eat in moderation, however I no longer feel deprived from eating foods I enjoy. I've taken these before or after I've had a high carb meal and they have worked for me. It's recommended to take before your meal, however I've taken them after I got home from a dinner out has still worked for me. If you're diabetic, I'm not saying this is a miracle pill. Use your healthy eating judgement. Each dose is 2 pills and you cannot exceed 4 pills a day. I highly recommend if you need to watch and block your carbs. EarthTurns.com has the lowest price I have found online and at various nutrition depots and free standard shipping. Says 3 - 7 days, I've always received them within 1 - 3 days of ordering. I'm in California.