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Esteem Products - Total Woman - 90 Capsules

Esteem Products - Total Woman - 90 Capsules

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This is a lifesaver!
Meghan posted on 3/18/2016
After a bunch of very invasive tests, the doctors could not give me an answer to my heavy bleeding, cramping, and terrible PMS. They said "just go back on the pill" or I would have to have surgery and "close the baby window". I found this product in a little Amish store in Pennsylvania, but it was almost 45 minutes away, and they got a bad batch that was manufactured early 2015. Not only was it cheaper on this site, but manufactured in December 2015, at my door in TWO DAYS, and a heck of a lot cheaper (plus I saved gas money). This is the cheapest you will find anywhere, and very fast shipping. Wish I would have seen this site sooner. Besides my periods and PMS drastically improving, my skin is clearer (I was paying close to $300 for products to clear my skin up), I've lost weight, I can focus better, and I am more alert. My anxiety has improved as well as my quality of sleep.