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DC Labs - hGH Activator - 60 Tablets

DC Labs - hGH Activator - 60 Tablets

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Now I don't feel like I have been hit by a train,
Mark posted on 11/14/2013
more like a volkswagon. I use this analogy when describing the results of this product. Because of my physical ailments to include DDD at C3/C4, AC joints, arthritis, etc. my chiro. recommended this product to me. With the normal cynicism of any consumer I agreed to try it because of his testimonial. I started taking it not quite as prescribed (recommended before bed, empty stomach) and still noticed significant changes of lower discomfort levels in my AC joints and neck. I have had little movement in my neck for some time despite periodic chiropractic adjustments, a week or so into the regimen I noticed a significant reduction in inflammation which allowed my cervical vert. to adjust with little manipulation. This is not a cure all and results vary, however, I recommend this product to anyone (male or female) in there 40's and beyond. Use a whole bottle to make a true assessment, pay attention to ailments and see if you notice the subtleties of less duration and discomfort level.