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Karen's Botanicals - Sweet Bay Mist - 4 oz

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Karen's Botanicals - Sweet Bay Mist - 4 oz
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Aromatherapy and natural deodorant mist.*
*Results May Vary
Made by Karen's Botanicals
*Results May Vary

Karen's Botanicals Sweet Bay Mist Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy & Natural Deodorant Mist

Organic Ingredients, Chemical-Free & Cruelty-Free

Karen's Botanicals Sweet Bay Mist Aromatherapy is an aromatic mist that can be used to freshen up a room or can be used as a natural deodorant.

Sweet Bay Mist has an aromatic fragrance that is old-fashioned, manly, intoxicating and sensual. The composition includes citrus blends and the powerful aromas of Bay leaves, herbs, and rum. There are those unmistakable aromatic spices, which hint of the West Indies and conjure up exotic images of masculine adventure.

How to Use:

  • Sweet Bay Mist can be sprayed for fragrance on the face, body, or in a room to enliven the atmosphere.
  • It is also a wonderful natural deodorant on the body

Karen's Botanicals aromatic mists begin as infusions of organic materials gathered from wild-crafting professionals, or from certified organic farmers. Each formula is a rich aromatic blend of spices, herbs, witch hazel, flower blossoms, and fruits. They are then blended with distilled water and the highest quality of pure essential oils. These can be safely sprayed near pets and children. They are commonly used for fragrance on face and body, and as a natural air freshener for home or office. These sprays also make an excellent natural deodorant. All come in lovely cobalt spray bottles.


Why Karen's Botanicals Sweet Bay Mist Aromatherapy?


  • The percentage of this product which is made from organic plant materials is 100%.
  • All of the ingredients were either wild-crafted, or grown under the care of a certified organic farmer without the use of pesticides, herbicides or other poisonous chemicals.
  • This product contains no commercial fragrances.
  • This product has received a rating of "1" from EWG. This is a rating system from the Environmental Working Group. A rating of "1" indicates that this product has little if any known health risks associated with its ingredients.
  • Karen's Botanicals has never tested their products on animals.

Additional Information
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How to Use: Spray it for fragrance and attitude adjustment on face, body, in rooms as a deordoizer. Use as a body natural deodorant.


Ingredients: distilled water, hamamelis virginiana witch hazel*, Specially denatured alcohol, Organic Laurus nobilis Bay*, Achillea millefolium, Yarrow, Coriandrum sativum fruit*, Zingiber offcinale ginger*, Citrussinensis Orange Peel*, Syzygium aromaticum cloves*, Organically grown Flowers from the family of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis,L, Selected bending of organic essential oils, including Laurus nobilis Bay Laurel*, Syzygium aromaticum clove*, Citrus limon lime*, Citrus bergamia bergamot*, Rosmarinus officinalis rosemary*.

*Denotes certified organic.

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