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Karen's Botanicals - Sensual Amber Sage Cream - 2 oz

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Karen's Botanicals - Sensual Amber Sage Cream - 2 oz
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Deeply nourishing cream formulated for very dry skin.*
*Results May Vary
Made by Karen's Botanicals
*Results May Vary

Karen's Botanicals Sensual Amber Sage Cream

Deeply Nourishing Cream Formulated for Dry Skin

Organic Ingredients, Chemical-Free & Cruelty-Free

Karen's Botanicals Sensual Amber Sage Cream is a rich, luscious and deeply nourishing cream formulated for very dry skin.

This cream is gentle enough for the face, yet rich enough for the body. This cream is made with fresh sage and is enriched with Shea butter, Evening Primrose and Borage seed oils and is scented with essential oils of vetiver and sage.

If you suffer from dry skin or eczema, try applying this cream, right after bathing, each day for one week. You will be amazed at the difference.

Why Karen's Botanicals Sensual Amber Sage Cream?

  • The percentage of this product which is made from 100% all-natural ingredients and organic plant materials of 97%.
  • Most of the ingredients were either wild-crafted, or grown under the care of a certified organic farmer without the use of pesticides, herbicides or other poisonous chemicals.
  • This product contains no commercial fragrances.
  • This product has received a rating of "0" from EWG. This is a rating system from the Environmental Working Group. A rating of "0" indicates that this product has little if any known health risks associated with its ingredients.
  • Karen's Botanicals has never tested their products on animals.

Karen's Botanicals formulates a variety of luscious creams that can be used on the face and body. These rich moisture products are for seriously dry skin, yet have been formulated to be gentle enough for sensitive skin. These can be used on both face and/or body. Full of beneficial emollients such as Evening Primrose, Borage Seed and Vitamin E oils, Aloe Vera gel, Cocoa and Shea Butter, they contain high levels of Essential Fatty Acids. These ingredients act as antioxidants to reduce the effects of aging and weather damaged skin. They are fabulous moisturizers for very dry, or damaged skin anywhere. Karen's Botanicals does not use any parabens or other harmful, synthetic preservatives or emulsifiers.

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How To Use: For use on both face or body.


Ingredients: Sunflower* and Olive* oils infused with fresh Sage*, Distilled water, Aloe Vera*, Sage extract*, Coconut oil*, Shea butter*, Vegetable emulsifying wax, Beeswax*, Mixed Tocopherols (non-GMO certified Tocobiol Vitamin E oil), Borage seed oil*, Evening Primrose oil*, selected essential oils.

*Denotes certified organic.

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Brandi posted on 2/26/2017
Love the smell of sage. The face cream feels so good on my skin. Took a lor longer on the shipping but it's well worth it. Rated a 0 on the ewg scale. Earth turns and karens botanicals has done it again.

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