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Karen's Botanicals - Healing Vapo Balm - 2 oz

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Karen's Botanicals - Healing Vapo Balm - 2 oz
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Helps clear congestion in the chest and sinuses.*
*Results May Vary
Made by Karen's Botanicals
*Results May Vary

Karen's Botanicals Healing Vapo Balm

For Lip Balm, Colds & Congestion

Organic Ingredients, Chemical-Free & Cruelty-Free

Karen's Botanicals Healing Vapo Balm is an all natural balm that can be used for lips, or rubbed on the chest and neck for colds.

A great natural alternative to Vicks because the ingredients (natural oils, Beeswax*, and Vitamin E) will promote healing of irritated skin tissue. Vapo Balm can be used as a lip balm, but it also clears congestion of the chest and sinuses from colds, coughs, sinusitis, and allergies. Rub on chest, around nasal passages and chapped lips, and into neck area. Enjoy the penetrating but gentle vapors.

Karen's Botanical's balms are made from certified organic olive oil, sunflower oil, and apricot kernel oil. These organic oils are fully infused with the active constituents of fresh and dried herbs. The infused oils are thickened with certified organic Beeswax, then enhanced with the addition of cocoa butter, vitamin E and helpful essential oils. These nutritious ingredients heal and feed your skin. Similar products sold in pharmacies are often made with petroleum products and synthetic preservatives, which clog pores and deliver toxins through the skin. You will notice the difference. External use Only.


Why Karen's Botanicals Healing Vapo Balm?


  • The percentage of this product which is made from 97% all-natural ingredients and organic plant materials.
  • Most of the ingredients were either wild-crafted, or grown under the care of a certified organic farmer without the use of pesticides, herbicides or other poisonous chemicals.
  • This product contains no commercial fragrances.
  • This product has received a rating of "0" from EWG. This is a rating system from the Environmental Working Group. A rating of "0" indicates that this product has little if any known health risks associated with its ingredients.
  • Karen's Botanicals has never tested their products on animals.

Additional Information
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How To Use: Rub on chest, around nasal passages and chapped lips, and into neck area.


Ingredients: Olive oil*, Sunflower oil*, Beeswax*, Balm of Gilead (Populus balsamifera) fresh buds*, fresh Calendula blossom*, Mixed Tocopherols (non-GMO certified Tocobiol vitamin E), and an organic blending of selected Essential oils.

*Denotes certified organic.

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