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JetZone - Jet Lag Prevention - 30 Chewable Tablets

JetZone - Jet Lag Prevention - 30 Chewable Tablets

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Jet Lag Prevention*
*Results May Vary
Made by JetZone
*Results May Vary

Jet Zone Jet Lag Prevention

Natural Jet Lag Remedy 

Jet Zone is the natural jet lag prevention tablet that was invented by a homeopathic doctor to help prevent and relieve the symptoms associated with jet lag.

What is Jet Lag?

 Jet lag comprises a variety of symptoms and usually manifests itself following a trip that crosses several time zones in a short period of time. Of course the most common way this would happen is with jet travel that can put someone across several time zones in a matter of hours.  JetZone can help prevent many of the symptoms before they start.

Once in a new time zone, the persons sleep/wake cycle is disturbed because of the time difference.  This causes a problem in the normal "body clock" of the individual. Unfortunately, the jet lag can even be more severe with more and more time zones that are crossed. In fact, many pilots that fly very often and across time zones are often very fatigued, unless they have mastered the art of avoiding jet lag or are using JetZone.

Often times, individuals already in poor health or middle age and above are affected more than others. Another interesting phenomenon is that the jet lag can last longer and be more severe when traveling towards the east.

Symptoms of Jet Lag

  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Sleepiness
  • Difficulty with concentration
  • Headaches
  • Moodiness
  • Irritability
  • Red eyes
  • Stomach problems

Jet Zone Benefits:

  • 100% Natural
  • Chewable Tablets- Easy to use without water
  • No Side Effects
  • Made in USA
Jet Zone Active Ingredients:
  • Arnica Montana 12C HPUS (Sleepless & restless when overtired)
  • Cocculus Indicus 12C HPUS (Constant drowsiness after loss of sleep, Headache from traveling)
  • Kali Phosphoricum 6X HPUS (Weak & tired from overexertion. Headache from fatigue)
  • Gelsemium Sempervirens 12C HPUS (Insomnia from exhaustion)
  • Nux Vomica 12C HPUS (Heartburn, anxiety, & restlessness)
  • Argentum Nitricum 12C HPUS (Mental anxiety)
Jet Zone chewable tablets are a natural jet lag remedy that is made in America to assure quality and purity.

Additional Information
SKU GS-JetZone-30

For Adults and Children over 6 years: Chew one tablet, up to one hour prior to takeoff. Chew one tablet approximately every 2 hours of flight and one tablet within 1 hour of landing. You may skip in flight tablets if you are asleep.


Active Ingredients: Arnica Montana 12C HPUS, Cocculus Indicus 12C HPUS, Kali Phosphoricum 6X HPUS, Gelsemium Sempervirens 12C HPUS, Nux Vomica 12C HPUS, Argenticum Nitricum 12C HPUS.

Inactive Ingredients: Lactose, Magnesium Stearate, Sorbitol, Starch.

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Jill posted on 6/6/2011
We traveled from Boston to Paris with no jet lag. It was easy to use, JetZone is a wonderful product.

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