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Indigo Wild - Zum Face - Nourishing Facial Oil - 2 oz

Indigo Wild - Zum Face - Nourishing Facial Oil - 2 oz

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Natural Face Oil*
*Results May Vary
Made by Indigo Wild
*Results May Vary

Indigo Wild Zum Face Nourishing Facial Oil

Supports Healthy Facial Skin

Nourishing & Moisturizing - 2 oz

Indigo Wild Zum Face Nourishing Facial Oil is an all natural oil that nourishes and supports healthy, facial skin.

Zum Face Nourishing Facial Oil is a natural and chemical free skin oil that supports healthy facial skin. You want to make sure that the skin on your face is looking its best, and Nourishing Facial Oil provides spectacular support. It offers a number of different oils that provide various forms of support.

Benefits of Zum Face Nourishing Facial Oil:

  • Chemical Free and Natural
  • Provides Anti Aging Antioxidants
  • Soothes Irritations and Minor Burns
  • Made in the USA

What Oils are in Nourishing Facial Oil?

Zum Face has combined some of the most beneficial oils for this facial oil, and it begins by providing meadowfoam seed and rosehip seed oil.

    • Meadowfoam seed oil works to moisturize and support the skin. It may help to protect the skin from the sun's damaging rays. It may also help to fight many of the signs of aging, like wrinkles.


    • Rosehip seed oil is a great nutrient for the skin, because it provides powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants are essential to fighting aging, because they limit the ability of free radicals to cause cellular damage. Free radicals damage and kill the cells of the skin, and this can lead to premature aging and sometimes cancer. Rosehip seed oil also supports the regeneration of the skin cells, and this may help to keep the skin looking youthful. Rosehip oil may also support the skin's elasticity, and it may also help to lock moisture into the skin. Rosehips may also help to support healthy collagen and help to fight the visible signs of scarring.


Zum Face Nourishing Facial Oil also contains pure essential oils from lavender, jasmine, and clary sage.

    • Lavender fights fungus, and it may help to soothe burns and other irritations. It also works to fight acne by killing bacteria, and it may also help with inflammation of the skin.


    • Jasmine provides a refreshing natural scent, and it helps to maintain healthy skin. It may also help to fight inflammation.


    • Clary sage has a nice floral scent, and it is rich in esters that are beneficial for the skin. It can help to maintain healthy oil production, and this may help to keep the skin from becoming too oily or too dry. It may also help to reduce inflammation on the skin.


Everybody wants to maintain healthy skin, and Zum Face has a number of products that may help. Zum Face Nourishing Facial Oil is a natural and chemical free oil for the skin that provides important antioxidants and other skin supporting agents.

Zum Face is made in America to ensure quality, purity, and safety.

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Directions: Dab a couple drops on damp skin. Perfect for all skin types.


Ingredients: Meadowfoam seed oil and shea butter extract, fractionated coconut oil, certified organic rosehip seed oil, pure essential oils and vitamin e.

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Customer Reviews 3 item(s)

Brandi posted on 1/5/2017
Good product. Isn't my favorite serum but it is a good one
Brandi posted on 12/30/2016
Loved the smell. Makes my face feel great.
Raj posted on 9/30/2016
Awesome item

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