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Indigo Wild - Zum Clean Laundry Soap - Eucalyptus-Citrus - 64 oz

Natural Laundry Soap - Eucalyptus-Citrus
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Indigo Wild Zum Clean - Eucalyptus-Citrus

Aromatherapy Laundry Soap

100% Natural & Chemical-Free - 64 fl. oz.

Indigo Wild Zum Clean Eucalyptus-Citrus is an all natural and chemical-free laundry soap that effectively cleans and adds a wonderful Eucalyptus-Citrus scent to your laundry!

Zum Clean Eucalyptus-Citrus is a natural and chemical free laundry detergent that may also provide aromatherapy benefits. Most of the detergents used today contain cheap chemicals that can be harmful to your body and the environment. Once chemicals in detergents are washed down the drain they can disrupt delicate ecosystems, and when your body comes in contact with chemically dense detergents it can damage the skin or organs.

Benefits of Zum Clean Eucalyptus-Citrus

  • Removes Dirt and Odor
  • Natural Fabric Softener
  • Safe for Whites, Darks, and all Colors
  • Chemical-Free
  • Made in the USA

What's In Zum Clean?

Just because Zum Clean doesn't contain harsh chemicals doesn't mean that it won't effectively clean clothing. Zum Clean contains some of the finest grime busting natural ingredients, and it can help to remove stains. It contains vegetable glycerin, which attaches itself to stains on clothing and helps to remove them. Baking soda has also been included to help work dirt out of clothing of all kinds. Zum Clean has natural fabric softening properties through ingredients like coconut oil. Coconut oil helps to keep clothing soft to the touch, and it helps to reduce clothes from turning stiff after exiting the wash. Natural borax can also be found in Zum Clean, and this helps to keep the proper pH levels within the washing machine. Together these ingredients help to fight dirt and odors on clothing of all colors.

Aromatherapy Benefits

One of the best smells is fresh laundry, and Zum Clean has captured this better than any other brand. This chemical free laundry soap also fills the air with a soothing eucalyptus and citrus scent. In aromatherapy eucalyptus can help with brain function. It is commonly used to help with concentration and focus, and it may also help to keep the sinuses clear. Citrus can also be mentally invigorating. It works to uplift the mood, and it may also help to promote physical energy.

Laundry detergents can cause harm to you and your family, and once they have been washed out of your home the chemicals can cause significant damage to the environment. Because of this it is important to use chemical free and natural laundry soaps, and Zum Clean Eucalyptus-Citrus is a great way to avoid these chemicals. Best of all Zum Clean can fill your home with a beneficial eucalyptus and citrus scent that may provide aromatherapy benefits.

Zum Clean is low-sudsing, super concentrated and great for high efficiency machines. Washes 32 loads in top-loading washing machines and 64 loads in high-efficiency machines.

Zum Clean is made in America to ensure quality, purity, and safety.

Ingredients: Sodium cocoate (saponified 100% coconut oil), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), essential oils and glycerin (vegetable).

More Information
UPC Code663204352001

Ingredients: Sodium cocoate (saponified 100% coconut oil), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), essential oils and glycerin (vegetable).


Directions: Pour 2 oz in top-loading washing machines (total of 32 loads). Pour 1 oz in high-efficiency machines (total of 64 loads). Adjust amount based on size of load.

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