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Formula 303 (Maximum Strength Relaxant)

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Formula 303 (Maximum Strength Relaxant)

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Formula 303 (Maximum Strength) Natural Muscle Relaxer. Made in America, by DC Labs.*
*Results May Vary
Made by Dee Cee Labs
DC Labs Formula 303

Formula 303 (Maximum Strength Relaxant) - 45 Tablets

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DC Labs Formula 303

Formula 303 (Maximum Strength Relaxant) - 90 Tablets

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DC Labs Formula 303

Formula 303 (Maximum Strength Relaxant) - 250 Tablets

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*Results May Vary

Formula 303

Natural Muscle Relaxant - Maximum Strength*

What is Formula 303?

Formula 303 is a natural muscle relaxant that is a specially formulated combination of the herb Valerian root extract, herbal Passiflora (passion flower), and Magnesium. Dee Cee Labs' Formula 303 natural muscle spasm treatment is a muscle spasm remedy to aid with neck spasm, back spasm, muscle pain, back pain, muscle cramps, fibromyalgia and many other conditions.* Your chiropractor may recommend it for other conditions as well, including nervousness, tension and even insomnia.

Formula 303 Maximum Strength Muscle Relaxant is a natural muscle spasm treatment that is Made in America and used every day by thousands of people around the world.* This 303 supplement is one of the main natural muscle relaxant recommended by chiropractors.

Formula 303 is Made in America to ensure quality, potency and safety!

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Formula 303 Natural Muscle Relaxer is often used for:

  • Muscle Spasm & Leg cramps and Restless Leg Syndrome*
  • Tension*
  • Stress*
  • Anxiety*
  • Jitters*
  • Insomnia*
  • Back spasm*
  • TMJ*
  • Fibromyalgia*
  • Menstrual Cramps*


  • Natural muscle relaxant*
  • Safe and Effective*
  • Contains only natural ingredients
  • Vegetarian formula
  • Gently relaxes you - no groggy feeling - wake up refreshed!*
  • Made in America
  • Useful for tension, stress, muscle spasm and more!*
  • Formula 303 is a great muscle relaxer.*
  • Formula 303 tablets can be great for relieving anxiety and stress.*

Formula 303 Side Effects

  • No known side effects

Formula 303's Natural Ingredients

EACH Vegetarian Tablet Contains:

  • 6 parts Valerian Root (Quad-strength) 1X
  • 3 parts Passiflora (Quad-strength) 1X
  • 1 part Magnesium Carbonate 1X

Valerian Benefits and History

Valerian, also known as Valeriana officinalis, is a perennial plant native to Europe and Asia and has naturalized in North America. Valerian is one of the key ingredients in our natural relaxant Formula 303. It seems that insomnia is not really a new occurrence in our society; Valerian, as found in our Formula 303, has been used as a medicinal herb since the time of ancient Greece and Rome. The therapeutic uses of Valerian were described by Hippocrates. Galen first prescribed the insomnia remedy, Valerian, for insomnia in the second century. By the 16th century, it was being used to treat nervousness, shakiness, headaches, and even heart palpitations. Valerian was used during World War II in England as a natural remedy for stress following air raids.

It has been shown through preliminary clinical research that the sedative and anti-anxiety effects of Valerian occur as a result of direct action on the GABA neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. It is believed that valepotriates and the GABA phytonutrient extracts from the root are responsible for the sedative effects. There are numerous studies and anecdotal reports of the valerian root benefits. You may view references to supporting research here: http://umm.edu/health/medical/altmed/herb/valerian

When people think of Valerian, anxiety remedy often comes to mind. Other uses for Valerian have included: restlessness, sleeping disorders based on nervous conditions, anxiety, helping to control panic attacks naturally, tension headaches, intestinal cramps, muscle spasms, menstrual cramps and overall relaxing of the body. It really is a great natural remedy and is the main ingredient in Formula 303 tablets.

Our specially formulated combination is better than typical Valerian tablets or other valerian herb supplements because it is a powerful combination of ingredients for insomnia, relaxation, tension and muscle spasm.* If you see a valerian root sale, don't be misled, you want Formula 303's powerful combination of ingredients.

Due to safety concerns in women who are pregnant or nursing, we recommend that you should not take valerian without medical advice because the possible risks to the fetus or infant have not been evaluated. Also, we recommend that you do not give Valerian products to children under age 3 years because the possible risks to children of this age have not been evaluated. As always, if you have questions, you should consult your family physician or healthcare provider.

Passiflora Benefits

Passiflora, also known as Passion flower has been helpful in some people to reduce restlessness, anxiety, tension and nervousness. Some researchers even believe that Passionflower may also be a mild aphrodisiac. A recent study that included 36 men and women with generalized anxiety disorder revealed that passionflower was as effective as a leading anti-anxiety medication when taken for one month. Passion flower acts therefore, as an all natural tranquilizer. This is a key finding since medication has numerous side effects and medication has been shown to be habit forming. If you are on anxiety medication, alternative treatment is healthier for you. In another study including 91 people with anxiety symptoms it was shown that a natural herbal product containing passionflower and other herbal sedatives substantially decreased symptoms when compared to a placebo. You may view references to supporting research here: http://umm.edu/health/medical/altmed/herb/passionflower

Most studies are revealing the benefits of herbal remedies in helping relieve tension, stress, anxiety and insomnia and more studies are probably necessary to confirm once and for all what thousands of people have known for several centuries: Valerian helps relieve tension, anxiety and sleep disorders, especially when combined with Passiflora.*

Why Many People Consider Formula 303 the Best Muscle Relaxer?*

Many individuals consider Formula 303 to be the best muscle relaxant because it works without making you feel drowsy.* In addition, there are not harmful side-effects as seen with traditional muscle relaxers. Relax, without the worry!*

Maximum Strength Formula 303 natural muscle relaxer is the best natural muscle relaxer that we know about. As an a natural relaxant, it is simply, wonderful!* If you have any questions about how Formula 303 might help you, read our reviews below, we have over 500 reviews.*

Insomnia, Tension, Fibromyalgia, Restless Leg Syndrome

Formula 303 continues to be a favorite product of many for tension, muscle spasm and as a natural sleep aid.* This natural relaxant is safe, effective and has been used for years by thousands of satisfied customers.*

Remember, Formula 303 is the original natural remedy for tension, stress, anxiety, insomnia for those times you need a natural muscle relaxer after overdoing it in the yard or at work.*

If you are having trouble sleeping, you may want to try Sleep Already at bedtime and use Formula 303 during the day.

Facts about Formula 303

  • All natural muscle relaxer used and recommended by thousands of chiropractors.
  • Is safe and effective, non-habit forming, sold by Dee Cee Labs since the 60’s.
  • A professional strength proprietary blend that works to make your mind and body feel good again.*
  • Vegetarian formula - Maximum Strength
  • Blend of Valerian, Passiflora and Magnesium

Get ready to Relax Painful Muscles and Muscle Spasms.* We have sold thousands of bottles across the USA and around the globe. All of our bottles are fresh. We get new shipments in weekly.

Shown to Relieve Tight Muscles, Leg Cramps, Lower Back Pain, Neck Pain*

Video: Formula 303 Testimonial

Joan shares her experience with Formula 303.

"This product amazing. I've been telling all of my friends about it. After an accident 7 years ago, I saw my chiropractor who told me to try it. I used to get it at his office, but it's just so much easier (and cheaper) to get it at earthturns. It gives me the relief i need before I go to bed so I can sleep. Thanks for the free shipping."*

"I bought Formula 303 5 months ago to help my back spasm. I cut trees down for work and I was having trouble bending over all day. I usually take 2 tablets just before work or when I'm doing yard work at home and it works great. I definitely recommend this to all my friends."*

"Formula 303 has worked for me for the past 2 years. I just found your site and now will only buy from you. I can't believe how fast you sent it to me and I didn't even have to pay for shipping. I even use less medication now for sleep."*

"Formula 303 is amazing... I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia which causes pain and really makes me tense. This helps me to relax and have less pain. Thanks!"*

"I have nighttime leg cramps that keep me up all night. Not any more."*

"I got this for spasm, but didn't realize it would help my restless legs and insomnia. Definitely give it a try,"*

"When my chiropractor first told me how well the 303 supplement worked, I didn't believe her. However, as they say, the proof is in the pudding. My neck spasm and headaches are so much less on the days that I use it. I am so happy. Thanks DC labs."*

"I notice a big improvement when i'm at work. I like the fact that it's natural. I don't like taking medication."*

"These are the greatest natural muscle relaxers yet! great price, fast delivery, what else could I ask for?"*

"I had trouble sleeping because of neck spasm after a car accident. After two nights using formula303 I finally slept the whole night."*

For more reviews, click the "REVIEWS" tab above.

Video: Formula 303 Information

Dr. Spitz discusses Formula 303.

Additional Information
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Formula 303 Directions

General Directions

Adults and children 12 years of age and older, take as directed or as directed by your doctor.

For Muscle Spasms

As a muscle relaxant, take two tablets every three hours until relief is obtained. Then take two tablets with each meal and two 45 minutes before bedtime.

For Tension and Stress

As a relaxant, take two tablets with each meal and two 45 minutes before bedtime.

Many people find that Formula 303 helps them sleep when they take it approximately 45 minutes before bedtime. If you continue to have trouble sleeping even after taking Formula 303 for several days, you should probably seek the advise of your family physician to determine if there is an underlying cause other than simple stress or tension.

Warning: If you are pregnant or nursing a baby, seek the advice of a health professional before using this product.


Formula 303 Ingredients

Homeopathic Formula

Each Tablet Contains:

  • 6 parts Valerian Root (Quad-Strength) 1X
  • 3 parts Passiflora (Quad-Strength) 1X
  • 1 part Magnesium Carbonate 1X

Customer Reviews 1358 item(s)

Vickitty65 posted on 9/18/2018
Kathryn posted on 9/17/2018
Excellent, non-addictive product, for stress and leg cramps. I have been taking it since 2008 and have no intention of stopping!
John posted on 9/14/2018
I have very tight/sore muscles due to being bed-ridden awhile back. Without these I would have great difficulty getting any sleep. Also take before going to massage therapist and it really helps what we get done. I could not live well without them.
Bdeknegt posted on 9/7/2018
Love free shipping
Veronica posted on 9/4/2018
It's a pretty mild relaxant but that can be just what is needed. I was buying this product from chiropractors at a much higher price. I generally receive it really quickly with just basic free shipping (I think orders are processed the same day).
Nancy posted on 9/3/2018
Great product.
trish posted on 9/3/2018
Great product that works had muscle spasm and within 3 days felt great. Have a bad back take 1 in am and 1 at night keeps muscles relax
Sandra posted on 8/31/2018
This is the best over the counter, Internet, herbal remedy for people who have fibromyalgia like myself. You have to try it. Just follow the directions until your muscle spasms are under control. You can then reduce the dose. I always take at least two before going to bed. I sleep a lot better with it. You will be very happy that you tried it.
Edward posted on 8/30/2018
My wife has been using Formula 303 for years and swears by it; the best muscle relaxant on the market. Formula 303 was first recommended by our chiropractor, and it really works wonders for those with back pains. EarthTurns always has great prices and fast shipping of anything we ordered. Many thanks!
A. posted on 8/29/2018
I have used Formula 303 for more than 15 years and the product is better than excellent. I am 76 years old and have recommended this product to all of my friends and family, who also attest to how well it works. Earth Turns is my source to purchase it. Their prices are very good and shipping is fast and efficient. ❤️ It..

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