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EarthTurns Toward Light™ - Our Volunteer Activities & Charitable Donations

EarthTurns Toward Light
Let's make the world a better place

Through our EarthTurns Toward Light™ program, we give back to our community through volunteer activities and charitable donations.

Our goal is to enrich others' lives in a way that makes it easy for everyone to choose the light. We want to be a beacon of light spreading positivity like ripples in a pond.

LOCAL PROJECTSclick to expand

Please click a volunteer activity below:

Bristol Fire Department - Bristol, CT - 06/29/2016Click to show

Planting Blueberry Bushes at the Bristol Fire Department

Sarah Shows Off a Blueberry Bush!

Sarah shows off a blueberry bush!

Firemen take action

We were planning on planting the bushes ourselves, but before we could finish unloading our cars, the firemen took action and starting planting!

Firemen finish

In literally minutes, they finished planting. Seriously.

Jeremy waters a bush

By the time we were ready, all that was left to do was water them.

Group Photo

Jeremy, Jeremey, & his son take get a group shot with the firemen.
(Jeremey's son got to see the fire truck after)

Blueberries are ready

Some blueberries are ready to be eaten!


Thank you Bristol Fire Department for making this a memorable experience!

Bristol Fire Department Facebook page:


Main Street School - Plymouth, CT - 11/16/2013Click to show

Veteran's Memorial Playground - Terryville, CT - 10/05/2013Click to show

CHARITIESclick to expand

At EarthTurns, we feel it is important to give back and make a difference in the world. Please take the time to visit the various charities we donate to by clicking on any of the pictures below. We are inspired by the many charities that are working hard to improve the environment, help children and help animals.