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E3Live - E3 Soap - Lavender & Clay Soap

E3Live - E3 Soap - Lavender & Clay Soap

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Lavender and Clay Soap - Sooths Skin*
*Results May Vary
Made by E3Live
E3 Lavender & Clay Soap

E3Live - E3 Soap - Lavender & Clay Soap - 1 oz

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E3 Lavender & Clay Soap

E3Live - E3 Soap - Lavender & Clay Soap - 4 oz

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*Results May Vary

E3 Lavender & Clay Soap Bar

Lavender & Clay Soap - Made with Blue-Green Algae

Benefits of E3 Lavender & Clay Soap 

  • Comforting and Soothing
  • 64 vitamins and minerals
  • Chemical Free
  • No Animal Products
  • Made in USA

E3 Lavender and Clay Soap is a fantastic natural soap that will leave your skin feeling incredible after just one use. E3 Live soaps are the world's only bar soaps made with 64 vitamins and minerals. This is a chemical free soap, and won't dry out or damage your skin.

E3 Lavender and Clay Soap will transform your shower into an English garden. You will be overtaken by the aromatic lavender, but E3Live uses no synthetic fragrances and the lavender scent is all natural. This chemical free soap utilizes a mix of natural oils like olive and coconut oil, and will have your skin moisturized and looking its best in no time.

E3 Lavender and Clay Soap is a handmade soap that contains sweet almond oil, so you know you will have a nice full and creamy lather without any chemicals. E3 Lavender & Clay Soap is made with E3Live's signature blue-green algae. The natural benefits of blue-green algae are numerous, and you can be sure that it will improve the strength and health of your nails, hair, and skin. E3Live's natural soaps are a great way to repair damaged skin, and to avoid the chemicals found in regular soaps.

Do your skin a favor, and try E3 Lavender and Clay Soap.

E3 Lavender and Clay Soap is made in America to ensure quality, purity, and safety.

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Directions: Use as normal Bar Soap


Ingredients: Olive, Coconut & Palm Fixed Oils. Superfatted with sweet Almond Oil, Slippery Elm, Green Tea & E3 AFA Aphanizomenon flos-aquae.

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