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E3Live - E3 Quick Shake Cooler Cup

E3Live - E3 Quick Shake Cooler Cup
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BPA-Free Shaker Bottle - Holds 12 oz*
*Results May Vary
Made by E3Live
*Results May Vary

E3Live Quick Shake Cooler Cup

Keep Your Drinks Cool On the Go!

Benefits of E3Live Quick Shake Cooler Cup

  • Keeps Drinks Ice Cold
  • Holds Both E3Live Powders and Liquid
  • Storage Space for Keys
  • BPA Free
  • Made in USA
No matter what your lifestyle or where you go E3Live Quick Shake Cooler Cup is the best way to keep your liquids ice cold. This cup also conveniently stores your E3Live powders.

From now on you can consume your favorite E3Live supplements on the go! The Quick Shake Cooler Cup holds 12 oz. of liquid, while the bottom holds 60 grams of E3Live powder.

Inside the cup is an ice wand that will keep your drink cold for hours.

The Quick Shake Cooler Cup has a secure lid, so you can always mix the powder and liquid with a quick shake. At the end of the day recharge the ice wand by storing it in the freezer over night, and every part of the cooler cup, except the ice wand, can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The ice wand is easily cleaned by hand with soap and water.

The E3 Quick Shake Cooler Cup is great in any setting, whether it's an extreme sport, like white-water kayaking, or something low key, like yoga.

Keep your drinks cold anywhere, anytime!

The cooler cup also has a convenient space to store keys, cash, cards, et cetera.

The E3Live Quick Shake Cooler Cup is made in America to ensure quality, purity, and safety.
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Use & Care Instructions

1. Remove ice wand from inside of shaker by removing lid and pulling out the ice wand from the agitator. Place ice wand in freezer for 3 hours or until frozen.
2. Place nutritional powder in bottom removable cup.
3. Place liquid in shaker cup.
4. When ready to mix your shake, place frozen ice wand into agitator, remove the bottom cup containing the powder, remove top lid, pour powder into shaker, replace lid and bottom, shake and enjoy!

To Clean
1. All parts are top rack dishwasher safe EXCEPT for the ice wand.
2. To clean the ice wand, wipe clean with a warm, soapy cloth and wipe dry.
3. DO NOT put ice wand in the dishwasher.

Ingredients No
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Chuck posted on 9/24/2012
The cup leaked as I shook up my shake the first time I used it. I've used it twice since thinking it was user error but each time I shake it, several drops of whatever liquid I am using come out of the bottle. As I drive around for work, I've resorted to putting it into a larger 40oz plastic cup to keep milk from getting inside my cooler. Even as the milk sloshes around as I drive (and even as the cup stays completely vertical) there is always milk that has leaked out. It keeps my drink cold, but leaking is inexcusable.

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