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DC Labs - Zymegest Food Enzyme

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DC Labs - Zymegest Food Enzyme

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Supports Digestive Health*
*Results May Vary
Made by Dee Cee Labs
DC Labs Zymegest Natural Food Enzymes

DC Labs - Zymegest Food Enzyme - 250 Tablets

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DC Labs Zymegest Natural Food Enzymes

DC Labs - Zymegest Food Enzyme - 90 Tablets

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DC Labs Zymegest Natural Food Enzymes

DC Labs - Zymegest Food Enzyme - 45 Tablets

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*Results May Vary

Dee Cee Labs Zymegest Food Enzyme

Zymegest Food Enzyme - Helps Digestion

Benefits of Dee Cee Labs Zymegest

  • Delivers the Body Enzymes
  • Helps to Breakdown Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats
  • Doctor Recommended
  • Made in the USA

Dee Cee Labs Zymegest Food Enzyme is a natural food enzyme supplement that can help your body to fully digest its food. Digestion is where your body extracts all the nutrients from food, and maintaining proper digestion is necessary for staying healthy. Zymegest will give your body enzymes that it needs most, and it can help to fully breakdown the food you consume.

Zymegest utilizes pancreatin, which is made up of amylase, lipase, and protease. These enzymes are some of the most important to the body, because they help to digest carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

  • Amylase helps digest carbohydrates by turning starches into sugar. Amylase is found in the pancreas, but is also in the saliva. When food enters the mouth amylase is one of the first enzymes that starts digestion.
  • Lipase helps the body to break down fats. If the body doesn't have enough lipase fats can go undigested for long periods of time, and this can lead to weight gain. Lipase is also needed to digest numerous other nutrients.
  • Protease is used to digest protein. Proteins can be one of the hardest substances for the body to digest, so protease is particularly important to digestion. If protein remains undigested it can end up in the blood where it can cause health problems. It can also build up in the intestines where it can deter digestion or release toxins. Fully digesting proteins is of the utmost importance to the body.

Zymegest also uses cellulase, which is used to digest cellulose. Cellulase turns cellulose into beta-glucose, which is good for digestion. Beta-glucose helps to slow down the absorption of fats and carbohydrates, and this can help the body to regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Bile extract can also be found in Zymegest. Bile extract is important to digestion, because it helps to breakdown fats. Fats are hard for the body to digest, and it depends on bile to help break fats up into smaller and more manageable sized pieces.

Dee Cee Labs Zymegest is a natural enzyme supplement that utilizes some of the most needed enzymes. Zymegest Food Enzyme can help the body to breakdown some of the hardest substances to digest, including proteins and fats.

Dee Cee Labs Zymegest Food Enzyme is made in America to ensure quality, purity, and safety.

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Additional Information
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Directions: As a food enzyme dietary supplement, take one tablet with each meal and if necessary at bedtime. Don't hesitate to use two servings 2 (tablets) with each meal and at bedtime if needed.

Caution: If you are pregnant or nursing do not take this product.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Tablet
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Pancreatin 4X USP
(An enzyme concentrate from pancreas manufactured to preserve all the naturally occuring enzyme activities.)
100 mg *
Standardized for:

10000 USP Units
800 USP Units
10000 USP Units
Standardized Cellulase 2 mg *
Bile Extract 50 mg *
* Daily value not established

Other Ingredients: Calcium phosphate, vegetable stearic acid, cellulose, silica, riboflavin for color, vanillin. Contains milk ingredients.

Gluten Free

Customer Reviews 4 item(s)

Dolores posted on 2/20/2012
We have been using this product for quite sometime and are very pleased with its effectiveness. We highly recommend it to anyone who would like the best in digesting their food.
Tracy posted on 1/3/2012
My order was processed fast and my order was received quickly. Thanks so much! The product is great also.
Shasta posted on 12/5/2011
I was really impressed with the speedy delivery. I will drop the other company (MyVitanet) I order from and use your company. Thanks for the quick turnaround.
Dolores posted on 10/31/2011
We have been taking Zymegest for quite awhile now and find it really works well in aiding the digestion of protein. We highly recommend it to anyone wishing to get the most out of their protein. PS... EarthTurns really rocks in service and efficiency. Highly recommend them too. :-)

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