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DC Labs - N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) 600 mg - 60 Capsules

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DC Labs - N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) 600 mg - 60 Capsules

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Powerful Antioxidant Support*
*Results May Vary
Made by Dee Cee Labs
*Results May Vary

DC Labs N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) 600 mg

N-Acetylcysteine - Supports the Lungs

Benefits of N-Acetylcysteine

  • Pulmonary Support
  • Benefits the Immune System
  • Antioxidant
  • Doctor Recommended
  • Made in the USA
DC Labs N-Acetylcysteine is an n-acetylcysteine supplement that can help to support the lungs. Your body needs n-acetylcysteine to produce glutathione. Unfortunately, it can be hard to supplement with glutathione, because it breaks down easily in the digestive tract before it's absorbed. Supplementing with n-acetylcysteine can help to provide lung support, immune support, and antioxidants.

N-Acetylcysteine can help the lungs in numerous ways. Studies have shown that people who supplement with n-acetylcysteine tend to have a higher lung capacity, and because of this they have a greater endurance. N-Acetylcysteine may also help to promote better lung function in people who have cystic fibrosis, and it may also help with chronic bronchitis.

N-Acetylcysteine is also a great antioxidant. Antioxidants are important to the body, because they help to fight the formation of free radicals. Free radicals may cause numerous ailments, and they do this by altering cellular DNA. Free radicals may commonly be the cause of premature aging, and they may also cause cancer.

N-Acetylcysteine is a precursor for glutathione, and many scientists refer to glutathione as the body's "master antioxidant." Glutathione is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the body, and it is commonly used by poison control to help with acetaminophen overdoses, and it can also help with poisoning caused by mushrooms.

Studies have also shown that n-acetylcysteine can also help with the flu. Research found that people who supplement with n-acetylcysteine are 20% less likely to contract the flu.

N-Acetylcysteine may help to offer support for the lungs. N-Acetylcysteine is important to your body, because it is a precursor for the powerful antioxidant glutathione. DC Labs N-Acetylcysteine is a great doctor recommended source for n-acetylcysteine.

DC Labs N-Acetylcysteine is made in America to ensure quality, purity, and safety.

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Additional Information
SKU F718-60

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule daily.

Caution: If you are pregnant or nursing do not take this product.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings per Container: 60
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
N-Acetylcysteine 600 mg *
* Daily value not established

Other Ingredients: K-Gelatin, natural peppermint flavor, vegetable magnesium stearate, vegetable cellulose.

Gluten Free, Certified Kosher
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