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DC Labs - Formula 426F (Multi Gland and Herbs For Women) - 90 Tablets

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DC Labs - Formula 426F (Multi Gland and Herbs For Women) - 90 Tablets

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Glandular Support for Women*
*Results May Vary
Made by Dee Cee Labs
*Results May Vary

DC Labs Formula 426F - Multi Gland and Herbs for Women

Formula 426F - Glandular Support for Women

Benefits of DC Labs Formula 426F

  • Supports Glandular Function
  • Contains Nutritious Herbs
  • Supports the Heart, Kidney, and Liver
  • Doctor Recommended
  • Made in the USA
DC Labs Formula 426F is a gland supporting supplement for women that is enhanced with numerous herbs. The glands are essential to creating and releasing female hormones, and these hormones are used to carry out various biological processes. This supplement is made for women, and it can help to support the proper function of the mammary, ovary, and uterus glands.

One of the most important glands to the body is the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is the size of a pea, and it is used to create hormones that help to regulate the functions of other glands. The pituitary gland produces growth hormone, so it is essential to the body's proper growth and development. In women, the pituitary gland helps to make prolactin, which is used to produce milk. The pituitary gland is also important to the function of the thyroid and the adrenal glands, because it helps them to create hormones.

Formula 426F also helps to support the mammary and ovary glands. Supporting mammary function is particularly important to women who are pregnant or are planning on having children, because the mammary glands are responsible for the production of milk. The ovaries are used by the female body to store eggs. They are also used to secrete sex hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and androgens.

DC Labs Formula 426F also helps to support the following glands:
  • Adrenal
  • Heart
  • Kidney
  • Liver
  • Pancreas
  • Parotid
  • Spleen
  • Thymus
  • Uterus
Formula 426F can help to support the immune system by promoting proper thymus and spleen function. The thymus is used to make T cells, which are utilized by the immune system to fight off disease and bacteria. The spleen is important to healing the body. The spleen stores red blood cells, and when the body becomes injured the spleen releases these blood cells to the injured area to speed up recovery.

This glandular supplement also supports the pancreas, which can help to support the metabolism. The pancreas is used to create hormones and enzymes that help the body to breakdown food.

Formula 426F also contains the following herbs for further support:
  • Siberian Root
  • Sarsaparilla Root
  • Black Cohosh
  • Dong Quai
  • Licorice
  • Holy Thistle
  • Chaste Tree
The glands are used for many different jobs in the body. The glands are used to create hormones that regulate the reproductive, immune, and digestive system. DC Labs Formula 426F offers glandular support for the female body, and it is enhanced by numerous nutritional herbs.

DC Labs Formula 426F is made in America to ensure quality, purity, and safety.

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Additional Information
SKU F426F-90

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 1 tablet 3 times daily.

Caution: If you are pregnant or nursing do not take this product.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Tablet
Servings per Container: 90
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Adrenal 40 mg *
Heart 40 mg *
Kidney 40 mg *
Liver 40 mg *
Mammary 25 mg *
Ovary 40 mg *
Pancreas 40 mg *
Pituitary 30 mg *
Spleen 40 mg *
Thymus 40 mg *
Uterus 40 mg *
L-Tyrosine 50 mg *
Siberian Root
   (Eleutherococcous Senticosus)
5 mg *
Shiitake Mushroom 5 mg *
Black Cohosh (root) 5 mg *
Licorice (root) 5 mg *
Chaste Tree (berry) 5 mg *
Beta 1-3 Glucans 5 mg *
Bromelain 5 mg *
* Daily value not established

Other Ingredients: Calcium carbonate, vegetable cellulose, vegetable stearic acid, silica, vegetable magnesium stearate, vanillin.

Gluten Free
UPC Code 052301426904

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karen posted on 10/3/2014
Easy to order and I got the product right away

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