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DC Labs - BioChroMate (Biotin and Chromium) - 60 Capsules

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DC Labs - BioChroMate (Biotin and Chromium) - 60 Capsules

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Polynicotinate form of Chromium. Better Absorbed. Highly Effective.*
*Results May Vary
Made by Dee Cee Labs
*Results May Vary

Dee Cee Labs BioChroMate Capsules

Niacin Bound Chromium - Biotin and Chromium

Dee Cee Labs BioChroMate capsules is a niacin bound form of chromium and contains biotin and chromium. The chromium is the brand Chromemate which is polynicotinate or niacin bound with chromium for better absorption.

Benefits of Chromium - Role of Chromium

Chromium is essential for energy production and has an important role in regulating appetite, reducing sugar cravings, and lowering body fat. Chromium helps insulin metabolize fat, turn protein into muscle, and convert sugar into energy. The primary function of chromium is to potentiate the effects of insulin and thereby enhance glucose, amino acid and fat metabolism. There is often an issue with chromium bioavailability, especially from food sources like brewers yeast, broccoli, and cinnamon so it is important to supplement with a "bound" form of chromium.

The two most popular forms of chromium for supplements are chromium picolinate (bound to a metabolite of the amino acid tryptophan) and chromium polynicotinate, which is niacin bound chromium.

Dee Cee Labs' BioChroMate
contains patented Chromemate which is the chromium polynicotinate form of chromium. Although the picolinate form has been used in more studies, the polynicotinate form appears to be better absorbed and somewhat safer.

Chromium Supplements and Weight Loss - Chromium for Athletes

A study published in 1997 in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise revealed that niacin bound chromium caused significant weight loss in obese women when combined with exercise while chromium picolinate actually caused weight gain. Chromium is a trace mineral and the Estimated Safe and Adequate Daily Dietary Intake (ESADDI) is 50-200 mcg.

Due to studies that show a loss of chromium during exercise which may lead to a deficiency, athletes may have a need for chromium supplementation. Some signs of chromium deficiency include high blood glucose levels, increased cholesterol and triglycerides, and decreased HDL levels. A study conducted at Georgetown University Medical Center and published in May 2002 showed that chromium polynicotinate supplements can enhance insulin sensitivity and reduce age-related disorders including problems with glucose metabolism.

Because chromium competes with iron for absorption, it may be a good idea to take chromium and iron supplements separately. Biotin, a member of the B-vitamin family, is an essential nutrient in human nutrition. It is involved in the biosynthesis of fatty acids, gluconeogenesis (the biosynthesis of new glucose) and energy production.

Dee Cee Labs BioChroMate Capsules are made in America to assure quality and safety.

Additional Information
SKU F872-60

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule two times daily.

Warning: Diabetics/Hypoglycemics use only under doctors supervision because this product contains chromium which may enhance insulin sensitivity and may affect your blood sugar. If you are pregnant or nursing, do not take this product.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings per Container: 60
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Biotin 150 mcg 50%
ChromeMate® (as chromium polynicotinate)
300 mcg 250%
* Daily value not established

Other Ingredients: Vegetable cellulose, K-gelatin, vegetable magnesium stearate.

Gluten Free, Certified Kosher
UPC Code 052301872602

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Book posted on 7/8/2011
This product works as promised. I have more energy, am having less blood sugar related problems, & have finally started to lose weight again!

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