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Citrus Mate - Lavender Mate - Mist Air Freshener - 7 oz

Citrus Mate - Lavender Mate - Mist Air Freshener - 7 oz
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Natural Air Freshener. Chemical Free Air Freshener. Lavender scent.*
*Results May Vary
Made by Citrus Mate
*Results May Vary

Lavender-Mate Mist

Natural & Chemical-Free Air Freshener

Made with Organic Citrus Oil - 7 oz

Lavender-Mate Mist is an all natural air freshener spray that is made with organic citrus oil.

Don't just cover up the smell of lingering odors. Take them out completely with the power of natural science. Less-than-clean smelling air will be eliminated by the combination of raw scent and actively-charged ions. Your nose will know the difference when foul smells are broken down through rapid oxidation, and the environment is brightened by real citrus power. Never artificial or unsustainable, this mist rescues you from stale and odoriferous air while continuing to be safe for your family and the environment. When the air doesn't need saving, this mist's lively scent will rejuvenate and energize a room.

Why use Lavender-Mate Mist?

  • Natural & Chemical-Free
  • Air Freshener for your Home, Office, & Vehicle
  • Made with Organic Citrus Oil
  • Non-Aerosol
  • Made in USA

Delicately earnest, lavender is floral and sweet. The scent relaxes the mind and calms the body. Ancient Romans mixed lavender in their bathwater while Victorian gentlefolk packed it in swooning pillows.

This 7 oz. classic-sized, eco-friendly and recyclable package is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, garages and offices.

Additional Information
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Direct spray away from face and into the room. Never spray on plastics or painted surfaces such as toilet seats or acrylics due to the corrosive nature of citrus. Avoid direct skin contact. If irritation occurs, wash with soap and cold water.


Ingredients: Pure, natural citrus oils and concentrated lavender essence, taken from fresh, naturally grown lavender.

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Greta posted on 2/19/2019
perfect product

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