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Vaxa Cholesten-LDL (Cholesterol Aid)

Vaxa Cholesten-LDL (Cholesterol Aid)

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Natural Supplement for Lowering Cholesterol Levels*
*Results May Vary
Made by Vaxa
*Results May Vary

Cholesten LDL - Naturally Lower Cholesterol

Use Vaxa Cholesten-LDL to Manage Your Cholesterol

Lower Cholesterol Supplement

Cholesterol levels in your body can still be high despite eating a healthy diet and exercising. After consulting with your doctor, if this is the case for you, there are natural ways to lower your cholesterol. One of these ways is Vaxa Cholesten-LDL. This homeopathic natural cholesterol lowering treatment helps manage both the cholesterol that your body produces, and also the cholesterol that you receive from food.
The ingredients in this product have been shown to help:
  • Reduce LDL Cholesterol ("bad" cholesterol)
  • Increase HDL-Cholesterol ("good" cholesterol - the type that removes fatty deposits from the arteries)
  • Metabolize fatty acids in the bloodstream, heart tissue, and arteries
  • Maintain appropriate levels of circulatory cholesterol and triglycerides
Vaxa Cholesten-LDL is a great, natural complement to getting regular medical check-ups and living a healthy lifestyle, when it comes to lowering cholesterol. Additionally, this natural cholesterol lowering treatment comes with a money-back guarantee.

All About Cholesterol - HDL vs. LDL

Everybody makes cholesterol that is not eaten in the diet to meet their individual quota. Therefore, a reduction in dietary intake of cholesterol will not sufficiently lower cholesterol if needed, without inhibiting its production. Some people are genetically predisposed to having a higher "quota" than others, and for these people, dietary changes alone will not be sufficient in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.
What is important in terms of watching your cholesterol are your High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) and Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) levels, and the ratio between the two. It's not only about watching your "bad" cholesterol levels. HDL levels of 40 or higher are good, whereas LDL levels of 100 or less are to be desired. Triglyceride levels should be 150 or less. Elevated triglyceride levels could be the result of other diseases, such as untreated diabetes mellitus.

Heart Disease - Number 1 Killer in USA

With Heart Disease being the Number One Killer in the United States, and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reporting an average of more than 700,000 deaths per year from cardiovascular disease, it is time to take action. What is surprising is that half of all heart attack victims have normal cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and often have no warning signs. High cholesterol is related to heart disease, but even people with normal ranges of cholesterol may have other heart disease risk factors, such as high stress, smoking, high blood pressure, obesity, nutrient deficiency, and other chronic illnesses.

If this is the case, what does cholesterol matter?

Optimal cholesterol levels are necessary for neurological function, hormone production, digesting and absorbing nutrients, and cell membrane integrity, among other things. What to do? Cholesterol can be controlled naturally with Växa's Cholesten LDL, in conjunction with healthy lifestyle changes. Our natural cholesterol lowering treatment can support your healthy cholesterol levels nutritionally. It is an all-natural homeopathic formula that helps the body inhibit "bad" cholesterol, metabolize fatty acids, and maintain healthy levels of circulatory fats.
The ingredients in Växa's Cholesten-LDL, such as Kali carbonica (Potassium carbonate), have been shown to be beneficial for excessive cholesterol levels. The homeopathic treatment also contains free-form amino acids, which are vital to protein production and the proper functioning of the body. Lastly, Vaxa's Cholesten-LDL contains long-used herbs that are beneficial to a healthy immune system, healthy cholesterol levels, and balanced blood pressure.

Additional Information on Heart Health and Cholesterol

The Standard American Diet (SAD), with its high levels of saturated fats, adds to high cholesterol and contributes to heart disease. By eating less saturated fats (meat and dairy products) and replacing those foods with mono-saturated and poly-saturated fats (vegetable oils and fish), your HDL levels can be increased and your LDL levels can be decreased. Additionally, total fat intake should be limited to 30%, or less, of your diet.
Some other healthy heart tips are to:
  • Eat smaller, more frequent meals, which is better for your heart and blood sugar levels
  • Exercise regularly, which is very healthy for your heart, and your whole body
  • Take vitamin supplements
  • Lose weight - the National Institutes of Health (NIH) reports that most of the top ten causes of death are due to diseases attributed to the health risks of excess body fat
  • Maintain a proper pH balance - most of our foods are very acidic, while the body thrives in a more alkaline environment - check out Växa's Buffer-pH+ to get your pH balance in check
Another factor important for good health are proper circulating blood fat (Cholesterol and Triglycerides) levels. Although the body naturally regulates the production and removal of these blood fats, they can become to high, especially if your body's Cholesterol "quota" is too high. Vaxa Cholesten-LDL can help the body maintain appropriate proportions of circulatory fats by reducing LDL Cholesterol and providing nutrients that may increase the production of HDL Cholesterol (which acts to draw LDL-Cholesterol away from the linings of the arteries).
With today's fast-food and high saturated fat diets, it is harder to stay healthy and prevent disease. Fats are tasty and flavorful, but they wreak havoc on the body when they are of poor quality and consumed in too high quantities. Not only should saturated fat intake be reduced, but we should be consuming more higher quality fats. Balance is important, as healthy fats are essential in our diet. Always consult with a physician before making drastic changes in your diet for health reasons.
In an effort to improve your health by lowering cholesterol levels naturally, try Vaxa Cholesten LDL which is a natural cholesterol lowering supplement that is Made in America!

Additional Information
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60 capsules per bottle. Take 2 to 4 capsules every 4 hours for 3 weeks, or as directed by a physician. Thereafter, take 2 to 4 capsules daily for ongoing maintenance.

Caution: Do not take if allergic to shellfish.

Digitalis Purpurea 3C, 6C, 12C, 30C; Aurum Metallicum, Baryta Muriatica, Cactus Grandiflorus, Calcarea Fluorica, Cholesterinum, Kali Carbonicum 6C, 12C, 30C. In a base of: Chitosan, Niacinamide, L-Carnitine, Hawthorn (Berries), Allium Sativum (Bulb), L-Glycine, Mixed Phytosterols, Tocotrienol Complex, Scutellaria Lateriflora, Reishi Mycelium, Shiitake Mycelium, Commiphora Mukul, Cysteine Sulfuric Acid, Dimethyl Glycine, Pectin, Sodium Bicarbonate, Potassium Bicarbonate, L-Taurine, Choline Bitartrate, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Chromium Polynicotinate, Gelatin, and Sorbitol.
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