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  1. Davinci Labs Olive Leaf Extract
  2. Multiple Sizes Available Pure Encapsulations Olive Leaf 120 Capsules
    Supports a healthy gut and immune system. Learn More

    Starting at: $35.40

  3. Integrative Therapeutics - Seasonal IC - 60 Tablets
    Support for seasonal and environmental sensitivities Learn More
  4. Multiple Sizes Available Olive Leaf Extract
    Supports microbial defense and cardiovascular health Learn More

    Starting at: $21.70

  5. Multiple Sizes Available Dee Cee Labs Olive Leaf Extract Powder - Formula 580
  6. Multiple Sizes Available Colostrum Olive Leaf Supplement
  7. Davinci Labs Olivir Veggie Cap
    Immune System Support - 90 Vegetarian Caps Learn More
  8. Multiple Sizes Available Davinci Labs Olivir 15 - 45 Tablets
  9. Davinci Labs Olivir 15 Veggie Cap
    Immune System Support - 45 Vegetarian Caps Learn More
  10. Thorne Olive Leaf Extract
    Potent botanical with antioxidant properties. Learn More

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Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract Supplements

For centuries the world has marveled at the health of Mediterranean communities, and a great deal of credit for their outstanding health should be paid to olive leaf extract. Olive leaf contains numerous beneficial chemicals, and it is an outstanding way to help the immune system.

An olive leaf extract supplement also provides your body with antioxidants, and it may even help to repair cells that have been previously damaged by free radicals. If you worry about cardiovascular health, an olive leaf supplement may also help to support heart health.

Sometimes it can seem like the body is frequently falling ill, but olive leaf extract may help to provide immune support. It contains the chemical oleuropein, which provides immune support, and it may help with the common cold and to reduce the duration and intensity of illness. Olive leaf extract also helps the immune system by helping to fight pathogens. It works by attacking their protective out layer, and this helps to disable the pathogen.

More Benefits

Olive leaf supplements also provides the body with antioxidants, which are essential to cellular health. Antioxidants help to fight free radicals, which kill and damage the cells. Antioxidants are important, because free radicals lead to cancer and premature aging. It also contains tyrosol, which may help to fix cells that have been previously damaged by free radicals.

An olive leaf extract supplement may also support heart health. It may help to lower blood pressure, and I may alsoreduce the oxidation of cholesterol. Olive leaf extract may also help to improve circulation, and this may help to improve the distribution of oxygen. Olive leaf has a long history of health support, and it has been a key factor in the overall health of Mediterranean cultures.

Olive leaf extract may help to support the immune system, and it also provides the body with antioxidants. It is also a great way to support the cardiovascular system. It may help to support healthy blood pressure levels and circulation, so be sure to take a look at all the great olive leaf extract supplements at EarthTurns.com.