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  1. Multiple Sizes Available Davinci Labs Ginkgo Biloba - 60 Capsules
    Improves Memory and Alertness*
    *Results May Vary Learn More

    Starting at: $10.40

  2. Metagenics GinkgoRose
    Metagenics GinkgoRose helps support mental clarity*
    *Results May Vary Learn More
  3. Irwin Organics Organic Brain Support
  4. Multiple Sizes Available Irwin Ginkgo Smart
    Natural Supplement for Memory and Focus.*
    *Results May Vary Learn More

    Starting at: $15.74

  5. Integrative Therapeutics - Oxyperm - 90 Capsules
    Intestinal antioxidant protection*
    *Results May Vary Learn More
  6. Integrative Therapeutics - Mental Acuity Formula - 60 Capsules
    Memory and focus formula*
    *Results May Vary Learn More
  7. Integrative Therapeutics - Learner's Edge - 90 Capsules
    Supports healthy neurological development and function in children*
    *Results May Vary Learn More
  8. Integrative Therapeutics - Ginkgo Biloba Plus - 120 Capsules
    Standardized ginkgo extract*
    *Results May Vary Learn More
  9. Integrative Therapeutics - Ele-Max - 60 Capsules
    Supports healthy neurochemical balance*
    *Results May Vary Learn More
  10. Ginkgo Biloba Max V
    60 mg of the herb Ginkgo biloba*
    *Results May Vary Learn More
  11. Multiple Sizes Available DC Optimum Strength Ginkgo Plus - Ginkgo Biloba Extract
    Helps Improve Oxygen Flow to Brain and Extremities.*
    *Results May Vary Learn More

    Starting at: $9.31

  12. Pure Ginkgo Extract
    Improves Oxygen Flow to Brain & Extremities*
    *Results May Vary Learn More
  13. Multiple Sizes Available Pure Encapsulations Ginkgo 50 160 mg 120 Capsules
    50:1 ratio - Supports blood flow and brain health.*
    *Results May Vary Learn More

    Starting at: $31.20

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Ginkgo Biloba Extract Capsules

Ginkgo Biloba Extract, also known as Ginkgo Nut or Bai Guo has been used for years as a nutritional supplement to increase energy, stamina, Alzheimer's Disease, memory, brain function and circulation. Some people misspell Ginkgo as Ginko or Gingko.

All of our Ginkgo Biloba Extract is processed and purified.

Benefits of Ginkgo Biloba Extract

For centuries, the ginkgo leaf extract has been used in traditional Chinese medicine. Currently, Ginkgo Biloba is possibly the most widely used herbal treatment being used to improve memory, learning and alertness.

Ginkgo is especially popular in Europe; in fact, officials in Germany have approved the extract for treating dementia. In the U.S.A., the National Institute on Aging is currently supporting a clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of ginkgo in treating the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.