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  1. Vaxa Nite Rest
    Natural Insomnia Remedy. Get a great night of sleep. Learn More
  2. Multiple Sizes Available Metagenics Serenagen 180 Tablets
    Metagenics Serenagen is an herbal stress remedy Learn More

    Starting at: $20.50

  3. Metagenics NuSera natural stress supplement
    Metagenics NuSera Chocolate helps activate GABA for natural stress relief Learn More
  4. Metagenics - Exhilarin - 60 Tablets
    Metagenics Exhilarin contains natural adaptogens to help reduce stress Learn More
  5. Stress Defy Stress Supplement
    Natural Stress Remedy. Decrease stress levels naturally. Quantity discounts. Learn More
  6. Multiple Sizes Available Irwin Power to Sleep - Economy size - 120 Softgels
  7. Integrative Therapeutics - L-Theanine - 60 Capsules
    Promotes relaxation and reduces stress Learn More
  8. Multiple Sizes Available DC Labs Formula 303
    Formula 303 (Maximum Strength) Natural Muscle Relaxer. Made in America, by Dee Cee Labs. Learn More

    Starting at: $9.98

  9. Valsed
    Support healthy sleep and muscle relaxation Learn More
  10. Multiple Sizes Available Metagenics SeroSyn 30 Capsules
    Metagenics SeroSyn promotes balanced serotonin and restful state. Learn More

    Starting at: $28.95

  11. Metagenics Trancor Natural Tension Remedy
    Metagenics Trancor promotes sense of tranquility by modulating GABA Learn More
  12. Multiple Sizes Available Metagenics Tran-Q Natural Stress Remedy
    Metagenics Tran-Q is a natural stress remedy to support inner peace Learn More

    Starting at: $27.75

  13. Vaxa Extress (Natural Stress Remedy)
    Natural Stress Remedy. Powerful Natural Stress Remedy from Vaxa. Learn More
  14. Vaxa Adapt Adaptogens
    Naturally Lower Cortisol Levels During Times Of Stress. Quantity Discounts. Learn More
  15. Stone Age Wellness - Sleep Already - Natural Sleep Aid - 60 Capsules
    Natural Sleep (Insomnia) Remedy. All-natural Herbal Blend. Learn More

    Regular Price: $17.47

    Special Price $16.48

  16. Multiple Sizes Available Natural Muscle Relaxant - Busy Brain Relief - all natural muscle relaxers
  17. Natural Migraine Supplement
  18. Sprayology - Stress Relief - 41ml
    Natural Stress Supplement. Homeopathic Stress Remedy. Stress Relief Spray. Learn More
  19. Pure Encapsulations PureSYNAPSE Pure Pack
    Support for Healthy Neurotransmitter Function. Learn More
  20. Pure Encapsulations Pure Tranquility Liquid - 116 ml (3.92 fl oz) - Free Shipping

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Natural Tension Remedy - Natural Anxiety Relief

All of our natural relaxing formulas such as Dee Cee Labs Formula 303 and Stress Plus are Made in the USA for quality, purity and safety. We offer several natural anti-anxiety supplements and calming formulas to help with anxiety, stress and tension. Natural relaxants do not have the dangerous side effects associated with medications that are used for stress and anxiety.