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Body Building Supplements and Products

If you lift weights and partake in body building you know how important it is to provide the body with the proper nutrition. There are numerous substances that the body needs to build and repair muscles, and without these nutrients the body's muscles simply won't grow or repair properly.

Protein, creatine, amino acids, and minerals are some of the more important nutrients to give the body when trying to grow lean muscle and build muscle mass.

Natural Body Building Supplements

Importance of Protein

Many people lift weights on a daily basis only to plateau and not get the results they are looking for. It is important to supply the body with plenty of protein, and unfortunately it is hard to receive enough protein through diet alone. This makes protein shakes and protein supplements very important.

Protein helps the body to repair and rebuild muscle that has been damaged during weight training, and it is a great way to promote stronger and bigger muscles. Protein may also help to support the metabolism, and it may help to provide the body with energy.

Amino acids may also be beneficial to the body builder. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein within the body and they may also help to increase endurance and reduce ammonia levels within the body. Studies suggest that branched chain amino acids may help to support aerobic exercise and support muscle growth.

One of the more common amino acids is glutamine. Glutamine may help to reduce muscle catabolism, and it may also help to promote the secretion of human growth hormone and the metabolism of proteins.

Importance of Minerals for the Body Builder

Providing the body with minerals is also important to the body during weight training. Everybody needs strong bones, but the body builder depends on strong bones even more than the average person. In order to lift large amounts of weight the bones need to be structurally sound and strong in order to bear the load that accompanies weight lifting. Many minerals also help to provide the body with energy.

Minerals, like magnesium, support the production of ATP, or cellular energy. Enzymes that help the body to produce ATP depend on magnesium, so it is essential to provide the body with magnesium and other minerals.

Benefits of Creatine

Creatine can be a great ally for the serious weight lifter. Creatine helps the body to create more energy, and this may help the body to lift a few more pounds or a few more repetitions. After only a couple minutes of intense exercise the body can be drained of energy, but creatine may provide the body with more energy. Creatine helps the body to grow bigger by helping it to lift more. There are also many other supplements offered at EarthTurns, and these body building supplements include ingredients like growth factors, kre-alkalyn, and B Vitamins.

If you're trying to grow bigger and stronger it is essential to provide your body with the proper nutrition. Many people spend hours in the gym only to not get the results that they were hoping for. There are numerous ways to support your journey in body building, and EarthTurns provides some of the best natural whey protein, amino acids, creatines, and minerals for the body builder. Don't let your precious gym time go to waste; improve your nutrition, improve your results.