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  1. Multiple Sizes Available Melatonin Supplement Formula 743
    Natural Melatonin. Insomnia remedy. Increase dreaming. Learn More

    Starting at: $3.99

  2. Multiple Sizes Available Natural MSM Powder
  3. DC Labs Multi Min SR
  4. Organic Mushroom Complex
  5. Multiple Sizes Available Dee Cee Musketal
    Supports a Healthy Musculo-Skeletal System Learn More

    Starting at: $11.97

  6. Multiple Sizes Available Myomalic Malic Acid Ashwagandha
    Support for the Metabolism and Muscles - Ashwagandha, Apple Pectin, Boswellia & Magnesium Learn More

    Starting at: $15.96

  7. N Acetylcysteine NAC
  8. Natural Nattokinase Softgels
    Nutritionally Supports Cardiovascular System and Circulatory System. Learn More
  9. Multiple Sizes Available DC Natural Citrus Bioflavonoids
  10. Multiple Sizes Available Natural Digestive Enzymes Formula 115
    Natural Digestive Enzymes. Improve digestion. Learn More

    Starting at: $13.86

  11. Natural Guarana Extract
    Natural Appetite Control. Helps Burn Fat. Learn More
  12. Multiple Sizes Available Dee Cee Nerve Renu
    Supports Healthy Nerve Function. Learn More

    Starting at: $27.06

  13. Multiple Sizes Available MSM Supplement
    Natural MSM Supplement. Improve cell function with MSM. Learn More

    Starting at: $7.26

  14. Multiple Sizes Available Modified Citrus Pectin Powder
    PectaSol Modified Citrus Pectin Powder Learn More

    Starting at: $77.14

  15. DC Labs Melatonin
    Supports a Healthy Sleep Pattern Learn More
  16. Multiple Sizes Available Melatonin Sublingual Formula 256
    Natural Melatonin - Sublingual Formula. Insomnia remedy. Increase dreaming. Learn More

    Starting at: $4.66

  17. Meno HF Menopausal Homeopathic
    Homeopathic Menopausal Formula. Natural Menopause Remedy. Learn More
  18. Multiple Sizes Available Menopausal Formula
    Natural Menopause Remedy. Improve menopause symptoms. Learn More

    Starting at: $24.61

  19. Metabogenic Metabolism Supplement
  20. DC Labs - Methionine Plus - 60 Capsules
    Supports Healthy Liver Function Learn More

List Grid

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1-20 of 423

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Dee Cee Labs

Authorized Distributor of Dee Cee Supplements

All DC Vitamins and Supplements are On Sale!

Dee Cee Laboratories, also known as DC Labs and deecee labs, is an FDA approved physician grade supplements facility in Tennessee with a commitment to the quality of their nutritional products. Their supplements do not contain artificial preservatives or additives. All DC Labs supplements are manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's). On Sale.

All DC Labs Products SHIP FREE! Yes, this is where you will find Dee Cee labs formula 303.

Dee Cee Laboratiories

DC Labs Quality Control

Laboratory Studies

All materials are carefully analyzed for:

Microbiology Purified water testing
Physical evaluations Cleaning & sanitizing material testing
Ingredient identity Stability testing
Moisture analysis Disintegration
Particle size Hardness
Powder density Friability
PH testing Weight variation

Continual Testing During Manufacture

Dee Cee Labs assures quality via hourly inspections and in-process testing of the nutritional products as they are being put into capsules or made into tablets. This inspection process assures compliance with all government regulations and verifies product specifications.

Inspection of Finished Products

As each batch of a product run is finished, a sample is tested and viewed for any possible problems. The test includes a comparison of original nutritional ingredients to assure accuracy in labeling and potency. Only after this careful inspection is a product ready for packaging.

Buy DC Labs Products

From the all natural muscle relaxant Dee Cee Labs Formula 303, natural remedies, and to hard to find supplements like Modified Citrus Pectin or Pau d' Arco, DC Labs vitamins are high quality with guaranteed potency.

Dee Cee Lab Products are Made in America and are Physician Grade Supplements.

EarthTurns.com is an Authorized Distributor of Dee Cee Labs. Buy DC Labs Supplements and rest assured of quality. Free Shipping in USA.