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Urinary Tract Health Tips

Prevent Trouble Before it Starts

UTI and Kidney Stones

A healthy urinary tract is a very important part of your body that is responsible for overall health. Keeping your urinary tract healthy is a wonderful way to prevent kidney stones and urinary tract infections. It also keeps your body functioning at its best.

  • Drink water – When you are feeling thirsty, try and drink water. Thirst is your body’s trigger to let you know that it is time to hydrate. The body loses approximately 80 ounces of water a day and the recommended amount to drink per day is somewhere around 60-80 ounces, depending on your activity levels in the day. If you are performing aerobic activities, it is imperative that you ingest more water to replenish the water you are losing doing to sweat. If it is hot outside, consider drinking more water due to loss of water through perspiration.
  • Decrease Salt – Salt is usually not a problem in moderation (unless you have certain health conditions – speak to your doctor), but it can be hard on your body by causing water retention. High salt levels can cause an increase inSolray Cranactin blood pressure and can also lead to kidney damage and kidney stones. Paying attention to labels and additions of salt can be very helpful in your quest for a healthy life.
  • Reduce Caffeine – Caffeinated beverages are responsible for irritating the bladder and also increasing your need to urinate. This can leave your body in need of hydration.
  • Watch out for Certain Foods – There are certain spicy foods that can irritate the bladder. Keep a food journal to determine what types of foods are irritating your bladder and what can be the cause of problems. There are also problems associated with uric acid that comes from meat. Cutting back on red meat is a good way to reduce irritability in your bladder.
  • Keep Regular – Make sure to keep your digestive system regular. If constipation becomes a problem, it can put pressure on the bladder and make problems worse. Natural laxative treatments can help and fiber-rich foods can also help to alleviate constipation.
  • Hygiene After Intercourse – Bacteria can be exchanged during intercourse and women have a naturally shorter urethra than men. This makes women more susceptible to urinary tract infections. Urinating and cleaning the vaginal area after intercourse is a great way to reduce the odds of a urinary tract infection. Wiping from the front to the back is also an important tip for all women and female children to adopt to reduce the risk of urinary tract infection.
  • Supplements – There are supplements that can also help to keep the urinary tract in working order. One product is D-Mannose by DaVinci Labs. This product is a glyconutrient that that works to support the immune system by binding harmful bacteria present in the body and attaching to and voiding this complex through the urinary tract system. It does not interfere with blood sugar levels, because it goes directly into the blood from the kidneys to the bladder. This product also contains cranberry juice, olive leaf, fiber, and non-dairy probiotics.


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