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Stronger Hair & Nails Home Remedies

Tips for Healthy Hair and Nails

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Everyone wants to determine how to have beautiful hair and nails. We all look for ways to repair hair and nails, when in reality we need to find ways to make them healthier from within. The ways to obtain a healthy set of nails and shiny head of hair involves treating yourself from the inside out.

There are tips and tricks out there that can improve the overall health of your hair and nails that will be discussed below.

  • Moisturize – To keep nails healthy, it is important that they are moisturized and nourished. Shea butter and olive oil are great ways to provide hydration to hair and nails. It also nourishes the cuticle to keep nail growth at a maximum. Make sure you are moisturizing the nails themselves and not just the hands like most people do. Badger makes a great cuticle care product that helps moisturize your cuticles.
  • Biotin – This wonderful supplement can help nails and hair grow. It is responsible for strengthening the keratin complex. One supplement that is full of biotin is Biotin 300 by DC Labs. It can provide a natural biotin boost to improve hair and nails. It is also known as vitamin B7.
  • Protect – If you are going to work outside in the garden or in a rough environment, put you on work gloves to protect your nails. If you are washing dishes, consider wearing rubber gloves. Too much water will weaken your gloves and dry them out. You can even put moisturizer on your hands and put some socks over your hands and go to sleep. This will provide a deep moisturizer for your nails.
  • Limit Polish – Obviously nail polish can weaken and damage your nails. Make sure to use polish under your colored polish to protect the nail. Make sure to use a non-acetone or non-formaldehyde nail polish remover.
  • Brushing – Make sure you have a nice, natural bristle brush and your hair will thank you. Brushing from root to tip will distribute natural oils to hydrate and moisturize your hair. It can also add shine and bounce. Try not to brush your hair when it is wet, use a wide-toothed comb for any tangles.
  • Sulfate-Free Shampoo – Using a sulfate-free shampoo will help keep Natural Shampoocolor if treated and keep the shampoo from stripping hair of its natural oils. It will keep hair free from build-up and will not damage the hair. Air-drying is also the best way to ensure there is no heat damage to the hair itself. One great shampoo is called Fundamental Earth’s Fundamental Shampoo Lavender. It is an amazing organic shampoo devoid of parabens and sulfates. It also contains natural kukui oil for moisture. It also maintains pH balance with no artificial ingredients.
  • Diet – A healthy diet of omega-3 fatty acids and protein are excellent ways to improve your hair and nails. Vitamin A and zinc is also a great way to keep your scalp nourished with the natural production of sebum (oil). Zinc helps to build new proteins for building blocks of healthy nails and hair.


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