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Reduce Stress and Relax Already

8 Tips to Lower Stress and Relax

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Relaxation is the best way to destress the body. Finding the time and manner in which to relax is always the most challenging part. Finding techniques that can reduce anxiety during high stress moments.

Below are some tips to help with relaxation in your life.

  • Meditation – This technique is used to distract the mind and relax. There are techniques that use the method of counting backwards or repeating a positive phrase. This practice allows you to feel calm when discussing emotions and thoughts. Regulating breathing during this process is also very important and can help with relaxation.
  • Supplement – There are many supplements out there that can help with
    Natural Stress & Tension Relief

    stress and relaxation. One of these products is called Relax Already by Stone Age Wellness. This product has valerian root, lemon balm, chamomile flower, passion flower, and cramp bark. It works to combat stress and is also a muscle relaxant. It can also help with symptoms of insomnia. Anxiety is something that may be calmed and reduced by this supplement. The best part is that this supplement is all-natural and should not interact with any prescription medications. However, if you are on an antidepressant or anti-anxiety drug, speak to your doctor before taking Relax Already.

  • Soak – Take a moment to take a soak in a tub. Hot baths can release stress and tension and allow toxins to leave the body. Using Epsom salt and essential oils is also a great addition to a nice soak. Oils like lavender, rose, and peppermint can be used for aromatherapy purposes and help to ease sore and tense muscles as well.
  • Organize – By organizing your life, you will gain more control and feel less stressed. Having structure is necessary for balance and regularity in your life. Setting a list of to-do tasks is something that can bring a sense of order to your day, but if having a long list of to-do’s is a stressful thought for you, scrap the idea.
  • Bedtime Ritual – Have a ritual that you stick to, even somewhat on the weekends. A specific unwinding pattern before bed can ensure that your body is ready for pure relaxation. Turn down the lights, read a book for a short amount of time, think about your day and reflect, then drift off into a restful night’s sleep.
  • Playtime – Take a minute to unwind and have fun. Light-hearted play is something that can be great for your stress levels. Watch some cartoons, dig in the dirt, go to the zoo, play at the park and enjoy a peaceful rest and period of relaxation.
  • Enjoy Nature – Nature engages all of our senses. Take the time to listen to sounds from animals and nature. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy a short walk to embrace a peaceful moment.
  • Unplug – Many times we are completely tuned in to what is going on in the world through the TV, radio, and cell phones. We need to take moments to unwind and unplug from the everyday stresses of information overload. Consider an electronic-free weekend while camping or exploring and enjoy the relaxation that unplugging can give.


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