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Toning your Body without the Bulk

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Many people want to bulk up and gain tons of muscles, while some of us would just like to tone the muscles we have and not put on any extra muscle.  What does toning up really mean? To most, it means to strengthen the muscles and get muscle definition, and lose body fat, all while not getting large muscles.

There are several supplements and exercises that can be done to tone existing muscle without causing bulking up.  There are also supplements and suggestions for how to achieve a toned body.

Below are some suggestions on ways to tone your body.

Weight Training

The most important way to tone muscle without the bulk is to weight train with lighter weights.  It is advisable to use light weights but do more repetitions.  Weight training can make everyday tasks like opening jars and carrying groceries easier.  It can also improve joint pain and can prevent back, knee, and shoulder pain.  It will also improve athletic performance because muscle strength will help you to move, jump, and run faster.  Weight training is also responsible for preventing osteoporosis by maintaining bone mass.


There are several supplements that can be responsible for increasing proper tone of muscles in the body.  Below are several options that should be included in your diet:

  • Vitamin C – This vitamin found in many fruits and vegetables.  It is responsible for the health of blood vessels, which support the oxygen needs that your muscles require.  The better you stock up, the quicker your muscles will recover.  Vitamin C is a building block of collagen, which your body uses to build muscles and bones.  DC Labs has a product called Vitamin C crystals that provides a boost to your immune system and health.  The crystals are the best way to take high doses of vitamin C that will actually be absorbed and stored for times when the immune system is in great need of this nutrient.
  • Fish Oil – This secret weapon will help your body tone muscle byOmega 3 increasing blood flow to the muscles and reducing muscle protein breakdown and it also decreases inflammation for faster recovery of muscles when weight training.  One product by Fundament Earth is called Fundamental Omega 3.  This wild caught fish oil is an amazing way to get the nutrient required to increase the tone of your muscles.  It is burp-free, due to its enteric coating.  It is also mercury-free and wild caught to provide the best quality of fish oil product without any harm.
  • Calcium – There are certain nutrients required for strong bones, like calcium.  Some people don’t realize that it is also great for muscles.  Every time you lift a dumbbell, your muscle contracts and calcium gives muscles that cue to contract and in turn, grow.  Dee Cee Labs has a Super-Cal-600 high potency liquid calcium.  This product builds strong and healthy bones and has vitamin D3 to help with the absorption of the calcium.  It also boosts the immune system and promotes muscle growth.


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