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intraMAX – What is intraMAX?

An Overview of intraMAX


drl-max33_4When people first hear of intraMAX they usually say, “What is intraMAX?” It’s a very potent liquid supplement and takes a lot of explanation for you to understand why it’s so special.
“Every ailment, every sickness, and every disease can be traced back to an organic mineral deficiency.”  This quote by Nobel Prize recipient, Linus Pauling, inspired the creation of intraMAX.
intraMAX is a groundbreaking supplement that contains 100% carbon-bond organic trace minerals, and it is the most complete all in one supplement.
intraMAX’s definition of organic is slightly different than the one commonly used to today.  Organic, as it refers to intraMAX, means that the trace minerals contain living carbon.  Without 100% carbon-bonded organic minerals the vitamins and nutrients you consume are less effective.  When you buy intraMAX, and other products from Drucker Labs, you can be sure that it is truly organic.  intraMAX has trace minerals that contain living carbon, which is why it is so effective.

What Are Trace Minerals?

The human body requires trace minerals.  Trace mineral deficiency used to not be a problem, but in the last 30 years commercial farming has destroyed most of the trace minerals that are naturally found in soil.  This means that the food you consume no longer contains the necessary trace minerals.  Today intraMAX is an important part of maintaining a healthy body, and intraMAX is the only product that offers 100% carbon-bond organic trace minerals.

What is intraCELL V Technology

The most important aspect of intraMAX is that it uses intraCELL V technology.  intraCELL V came from over 20 years of research, testing, and analysis.  This carbon-bond technology works as follows:  First intraCELL V technology surrounds a toxin with an organic compound.  At this stage polymerization happens, and after the polymerization a polymer is left.  A polymer is a compound that is made up of a structure of connected smaller molecules, and the polymerization leaves complex organic molecules.  intraCELL V optimizes intra-cellular activity and cellular detoxification by changing inorganic molecules into organic molecules.  intraCELL V completes its work by inserting 415 carbon-bond organic nutrients into cells.

Benefits of Fulvic Acid

intraMAX contains fulvic acid, which is important in the intraCELL V technology.  The reason why fulvic acid is so important to intraMAX, not only your health, is that it helps the process of transforming inorganic trace minerals into soluble materials.  Without the fulvic acid our body would not be able to consume all the carbon-bond organic trace minerals found in intraMAX.  Fulvic acid is capable of delivering complex molecules into our tissues and cells.
In addition to aiding intraCELL V, fulvic acid has numerous health benefits.  Fulvic acid is an anti-oxidant, a chelating agent, and protects your immune system by stopping damage caused by free radicals.
Today over 90% of the world has deficiencies in trace minerals, and in North America that number is even higher.  This is why intraMAX might be the most important supplement you aren’t taking.  intraMAX has been designed and tested for over 20 years, so you can be sure that you are consuming 100% carbon-bond organic trace minerals at their peak effectiveness.
Make sure you check out all the ingredients found in intraMAX.  You’ll be surprised by all the natural and life enhancing nutrients it has!


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