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Passion Flower: Help With Anxiety

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Passion-FlowerIn your workplace, you may have one or two two colleagues who have spoken openly about their depression or anxiety. There’s a strong chance that they may have mentioned an herbal supplement like St. John’s Wort or passion flower (passiflora) which helped them get over the initial consequences of their depression. It’s no longer an old wives’ tale that herbs do help people with mild to severe cases of depression.

A total of 24 studies so far have evaluated the effects of such supplements as magnesium, kava, St. John’s Wort, lysine, and passion flower and findings have supported their effectiveness. Of the 71% of trials reviewed – 15 out of the 21 cases –these herbs were shown to be safe to take; side effects were reported in a negligible number and ranged from mild to moderate.

For passion flower alone, three studies were conducted; all three studies revealed a positive outcome: passion flower’s effectiveness was seen in its anxiolytic property. Anxiolytic means an agent or substance that is used to treat anxiety attacks or panic disorders.

This has led researchers to conclude that herbal supplements, particularly those containing passionflower, can be effective treatments for anxiety. Researchers however indicate that identifying and locating the active ingredients in these herbal supplement products will help manufacturers come up with more potent formulations to treat symptoms.

Source: Nutrition Journal Published online “Nutritional and herbal supplements for anxiety and anxiety related disorders: systematic review”


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