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Natural Remedies for Every Health Condition

Why Natural Remedies?

vitaminsThe natural remedies market proliferates with multiple products for just about every conceivable type of health problem. But the growing success of natural remedies is not only explained by the need to treat or alleviate all kinds of health problems but also because consumers have become aware that natural-based products are much better alternatives to drug-based products.

Drug-based products contain chemicals and other ingredients that could potentially create an imbalance in our bodies and thus generate harmful effects to our health. Whether it’s an imbalance in the intestinal flora, or a deficiency of good bacteria caused by excessive amounts of antibiotics, or a lack of omega-3 substances that help maintain cardiovascular health, or even a solution for insomnia or other vitamins and supplements we wish to incorporate into our lifestyle, there is a natural remedy that has been formulated and developed for you and your family.

Types of Natural Remedies

It’s one thing to choose natural-based products and supplements as part of our everyday regime; it’s another thing to know which of these products actually deliver the benefits that they claim they can deliver. This is why choosing the “home-grown” variety is not a bad idea.

When you buy US-manufactured supplements, you know you are paying for quality and reliability. Food and drug regulations in the United States are well-defined and rigorous. It is true that the natural supplements industry is not an industry that is regulated by the federal government, but any ingredient that goes into the manufacture of these supplements is subject to strict controls or has passed testing requirements.

Here are certain types of conditions for which natural remedies can provide some health benefits:

  • Heart disease – omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish and fish oils. Take it from the Japanese. Middle-aged Japanese men living in Japan eat larger amounts of fish than their American counterparts and hence have a lower incidence of heart disease. In the west, we can eat only so much fish, so we need omega-3 supplements to help our heart function optimally. Omega-3 supplements will compensate for the small amounts of alpha-linolenic acid that is converted into EPA and DHA – substances our bodies need.
  • Insomnia – the problem with sleeping pills is the possibility for over-dependence and addiction. By taking natural remedies for insomnia, we “train” our brain to induce sleep safely and effectively.
  • High cholesterol, atherosclerosis and diabetes – there is a wide variety of natural remedies that have often been associated with helping prevent high cholesterol, atherosclerosis (plaque-filled arteries), and diabetes. Note, however, that tests for these natural remedies conducted on humans are not conclusive.
  • Weakened immune system – these remedies help restore the vitality and energy of a person who has been sick or has been subject to aggressive treatment.
  • Hormonal imbalance – pre-menopausal and menopausal women experience decreasing estrogen levels which cause them to have frequent headaches, cramping and depression. Natural remedies help mimic the estrogen-producing mechanism in women.
  • Common colds and infection – natural remedies exist to help prevent the development of a full-blown cold or an infection. Research has shown, for instance, that Echinacea was given to some Swedish volunteers who were developing a cold and who also had other respiratory disorders. The Echinacea appeared to have cured them of their cold.
  • Muscle spasms, stress and anxiety – people have reported feeling better and less stressed after taking certain natural remedies. A natural remedy containing homeopathic formula 303 is said to help prevent muscle tension, fibromyalgia, menstrual cramps, panic attacks and stress.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome, Alzheimer’s, impaired immune system, aging and adrenal insufficiency – while DHEA supplements have not been 100% proven to be effective against certain diseases, they help some people combat the effects of disease and aging.

Many people use vitamins, minerals and health bars to help prevent problems in the first place. These natural products are available and can help people obtain the health benefits they need.

There are natural remedies available for most conditions. Visit our section Find by Condition to discover a natural remedy for your health problem. All of our supplements are Made in America to assure quality and safety.


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