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DHA & Aggression

DHA May Reduce Aggessivness

omegaMounting evidence has shown that the omega 3 fatty acid DHA can help to combat aggression, and it may also help people to better handle times of stress. For those that find it difficult to stay cool, calm, and collected a DHA supplement may be beneficial. Nordic Naturals makes a number of omega 3 fatty acids supplements, and they have a few products that specialize in delivering the body high quality DHA. ProDHA, ProDHA 1000, and DHA Junior all provide the body with beneficial amounts of DHA that may help to reduce aggression and impulsiveness.

The Study

A study published in European Journal of Clinical Nutrition researched young adults in the state of California. They took a look at the amount of omega 3 fatty acids that the individual consumed and their proclivities towards aggressive behavior. Those who consumed more omega 3 fatty acids were found to be less likely to display aggressive behaviors. Another study in Wales had similar findings. They gave one group of men 672 mg of DHA and another group a multivitamin supplement. During a time period of three months the group taking the omega 3s had a substantial decrease in impulsive action and aggressiveness.

Perhaps one of the most compelling studies tested how omega 3 fatty acids pure-encapsulations-dhu1-2186_4affected aggressive behavior in substance abusers. Substance abusers are prone to emotional outbursts and other displays of instability, but over a period of three months researchers found that supplementing with omega 3s and polyunsaturated fatty acids was helpful. Thirteen patients were given capsules containing DHA and polyunsaturated acids, while eleven patients were given a placebo. They were then given a version of the Profiles of Mood Sates (POMS) questionnaire every month to determine their state of mind. Those who took the capsules with DHA showed a decrease on the anger section of the POMS, while those on the placebo did not. Although this study needs to be carried out on a larger scale it still shows the potential benefits that DHA can have on mood and behavior.

If you find yourself controlling aggression and other emotional outburst you’re probably looking for something that can help. Drugs can put you in a haze and limit your productivity, so a natural approach may be more appropriate. For this the omega 3 fatty acid DHA can be an easy way to help. Numerous studies have shown that it can be helpful for curbing aggressive behaviors and Nordic Naturals makes a number of DHA specialized supplements.



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