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Skin Cancer and Ultraviolet Nail Salon Lamps

The Dangers of UV Light

Most people are aware of the dangers linking the UV light in tanning beds linking it to higher risks of skin cancer. Now, questions are raising about potential risks associated with those popular gel nails, Nails with Gel Nail Polishsetting your polished fingernails under the ultraviolet light, setting that perfect color at the nail salon.

The problem with ultraviolet light is that it deeply penetrates the skin, which has been linked to skin cancer and premature aging of the skin by damaging collagen and elastin.

While all of this has been proven through numerous research studies over the years, there is good news for those seeking those long-lasting salon crafted gel nails; a recent research study concluded that negative impact from these ultraviolet bulbs used in nail salons is minimal.

This study tested 17 lights from 16 salons, and researchers at Georgia Regents University in Augusta, GA concluded that while the salons used a wide range of bulbs that emit a wide range of radiation, customers only have brief exposure to these lights, so the overall exposure impact from the light is minimal. Therefore the risk of developing skin cancer from manicure visits is small.

There is a greater risk related to frequency, according to some specialists. If you have weekly visits, exposing your fingers to the UV lights, there may be cause for some concern over someone who uses the procedure a few times per year.

There are precautions that can be taken, that may seem like common sense, but that very few salon-goers may think to use. Sunscreen of a SPF of at least 30 is recommended to help protect skin on hands exposed to the UV lights. Bring the sunscreen with you, and discuss this with your manicurist to ensure that the sunscreen is applied just before your hands go under the light.

Full findings of the study are published in: JAMA Dermatology

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