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What are Essential Fatty Acids?

A Nutrient for Health

Essential: If something is classified as essential in nutritional terms, it means that the body cannot make it and must receive it from the diet.

Fatty Acid: A fatty acid is a type of fat that is classified according to its structure and biological function. It is important to understand that there are good fats, as well as bad fats. Most of us hear the term fat, and think it has to be bad. But, our body actually needs certain fats to survive, and thrive. The good fats, the fats that are absolutely essential for health and met-omeg60-12381_7protection from illnesses are the EFAs (essential fatty acids). The bad fats, when eaten in high quantities, can lead to heart disease, obesity, and other illnesses. The bad fats are the saturated fats from grain-fed, farm raised animals that are fed omega 6 grains such as corn and soy. The really bad fats are the unnatural human made fats such as trans fats and hydrogenated fats. These fats are literally toxic. Unfortunately, they are found in almost all junk foods and even a lot of so called “health” foods. These fats have become one of the biggest health concerns in America today, due to their over consumption. When you are buying a packaged food, you must read the label and check for trans, hydrogenated, or partially hydrogenated or fractionated fat or oil. If you see this, put the product back on the shelf! It is our hope that eventually these products will be illegal to sell as food.

Nutrient: A nutrient is something that the cells of the body require in order to function properly, express health and avoid sickness. You are probably familiar with nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

Essential Fatty Acid Nutrient: An essential fatty acid (EFA) nutrient is a nutrient required for health and protection from sickness that the cells of the body cannot produce or make; it is a nutrient that must be derived from our diet. Without these essential nutrients proper health is impossible and illness is unavoidable, they are literally that important in terms of determining quality and quantity of life.

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