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intraMax Vitamin FAQ

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This FAQ is divided into two sections: general questions and questions about intraMAX.

Part I: General Questions

Q: What does “true organic mineral” mean?

drl-max33_4A: This is a mineral that contains organic carbon, not inorganic carbonate. The keyword here is “chelated.” You know that a mineral is a true organic carbon when it has undergone a highly refined chelation process. This process transforms the mineral into tiny molecules that weigh almost next to nothing. One way of recognizing a true organic mineral is to consider its size and weight.

Q: I generally eat well, so do I get enough organic minerals from my food?

A: Unfortunately, no. Think back to the time of our great grandparents when industrialization had barely begun. They certainly enjoyed wholesome food because most farming produce was not tainted by the by-products of modern agricultural methods.

The rise of new chemical products – insecticides, pesticides and herbicides – which are supposed to “eliminate pests from our food” has been phenomenal.

Mass spraying of crops was actively promoted. What happened next was our soil got contaminated and so did the vegetable life that grew in it.

The mass spraying of our crops resulted in the destruction of essential – indeed critical – elements such as organic complexes and trace minerals. Hence we ended up with what agricultural experts called “hollow crops.” This sparks a chain reaction: hollow crops generate hollow or empty foods. What’s coming from majority of American farms these days are nutrient-deprived foods. When foods no longer have nutrients, all the minerals and organic carbons that humans need for healthy living are wiped out.

In essence, therefore, soil that was once pristine and which stimulated the wholesome growth of vegetation is nothing but “debris.”

Our task is to rectify that situation. We must take it upon ourselves to supplement our diet with carbon-rich minerals. Our bodies need true organic microcomplexed trace minerals that have been processed and fortified with Fulvic Acid, enzymes and electrolytes.

Q: I’ve never heard of Fulvic Acid. What is it?

A: Fulvic Acid is the outcome of the natural humification process. The humification process involves the transformation of organic material into humus. Humus is the organic constituent of soil formed by the decomposition of plants by bacteria in the soil. From this breakdown, Fulvic Acid is formed.

Q: So what makes Fulvic Acid important?

A: It contains phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are known for their protection qualities. They act as antioxidants that help stall the aging process. Phytochemicals also contain substances that come from organic plants.

The importance of Fulvic Acid lies in the way it has been converted over time by complexed plants, most of which are microscopic.

Fulvic Acid, when combined with metalo-enzymes and other carbon substances, is said to be particularly beneficial to cell activity. Its two qualities of being a highly refined and ultra-chelated substance make it one of the easiest particles to absorb. Once absorbed, it helps improve tissue and cell functions. It is bio-active; this means it supports detoxification processes in the body.

Q: Do scientists think Fulvic Acid is really that essential?

A: Scientists think that Fulvic Acid was intended to be present in life because of its indispensable role in the food chain. They have called Fulvic Acid a life-giver, a “spark of life” because of its solar energy content and for containing residuals of plant photosynthesis.

Fulvic Acid not only protects man, it also protects plants and animals. It is a precious ally of the human immune system, thanks to its antioxidant properties.

Q: And what’s the connection between minerals and Fulvic Acid?

A: For the body to readily absorb minerals, these minerals have to “latch on” or be attached to living carbon – a protein molecule. This “latching on” process is called chelation. The connection therefore between minerals and Fulvic acid lies in chelation. Fulvic Acid is one of the best chelating agents known in science. Without it, mineral absorption is reduced to a mere 10%. This is why Fulvic Acid is ever present in all plant and animal life and activity.

When minerals are chelated with the help of Fulvic Acid, they not only become nutrients but also act as “hunters”. They hunt down free radicals and destroy them so that the human body is not susceptible to disease. Fulvic Acid chelated minerals also provide good electrolytes, enhance the absorption rate, aid in the body’s electrochemical processes and lead nutrients to parts of the body that need them the most. They also act as catalysts to enzyme activity.

If we were to summarize the connection in one statement, we would say that Fulvic Acid – when combined with Drucker Lab’s intraCELL V Technology improves mineral intake, making it bioavailable. This intake is done by taking intraMIN and intraMAX.

The extraction and manufacturing of Fulvic Acid by Druckers Labs constitutes a unique process. It uses only purified cold water – a more expensive method than the heating or sulphuric acid methods used by companies that produce dietary supplements. These heating methods significantly decrease the amounts of Fulvic Acid. Drucker Labs has managed to reach carbon levels of 144,500 mg/l – per one ounce serving in their products. This means that when you obtain more carbon, you obtain more Fulvic Acid.

Q: My friends tell me I look sick and pale and it’s probably because I lack colloidal, coral and ionic minerals. Should I take these minerals?

A: Do not take colloidal, coral or ionic minerals. Refer to the next questions in this FAQ where we describe each of them. These are all inorganic minerals – this means they do NOT have organic carbon in sufficient amounts. Most of them are constituted of inorganic carbonate – non-living toxins like shale, coral and dead plant wastes. If taken over time, these minerals can actually be more harmful and will not serve the nutrition purpose for which we take them.

In the short term, inorganic minerals appear beneficial because you will notice some short term health improvements – give or take two to three months. After that, you have to be alert to toxicity levels in your body.

These toxicity levels come about because our body cannot break down and eliminate these inorganic substances. They are disguised as fatty tissue and remain permanently inside our body.

Q: What is an “ionic mineral”?

A: When an atom or molecule is electrically charged because it has either acquired or lost electrons, that atom or molecule is said to be an “ion.” This electrical charging occurs when the number of electrons does not match the number of protons in that atom or molecule. So ions are atoms or molecules that are either negatively or positively charged. All minerals, regardless of whether they’re organic or inorganic, are either positively or negatively charged.

The problem is that the nutritional supplement industry has used the term “ion” loosely. To appreciate ionic minerals, you have to be aware that the only time an ionic mineral can be helpful to humans is when the condition of the stomach, specifically the small intestines, has a pH of 7. The small intestines are the duodenum, jejunum and ileum.

Because of the modern diet, no one can claim to have a pH of 7. We bombard our bodies with too much acid through coffee, juices, and other acid-producing foods. This is the reason that calling minerals ionic is not accurate.

Q: What is a colloidal mineral?

A: A colloid has the following characteristics:

  • It is a mixture consisting of two elements: a dispersing agent and a continuous agent. We also call these agents as phases.
  • A colloid is formed when one mixture is dispersed into another substance.
  • A colloid is also a molecule that cannot be dissolved (unlike in a solution where all particles dissolve) and measures anywhere between 1 and 100 nanometers.
  • A colloid will only remain suspended; they do not sink or go up.
  • Colloids are inorganic. They are either dead, artificial and do not contain living carbon.

It is a generally accepted principle in the scientific community that humans should not take colloidal minerals because they may (a) have difficulties penetrating the intestinal walls and cells due to their size and weight; (b) be recognized as foreign substances by the body especially when cells reject them; (c) accumulate as unwanted fatty tissues.

If you come across a product that is described as a colloidal mineral, think twice before buying it.

Q: If ionic and colloidal minerals are not that beneficial, what kind of minerals should I be taking for my overall health and well-being?

A: There are a few things to bear in mind when you’re considering adding mineral supplements to your diet:

  • our bodies accept organic minerals only. Be careful about the word “organic” however. Many companies that manufacture mineral supplements say “organic;” this means that their products were manufactured without the use of artificial substances, toxic chemicals or pesticides. At Drucker Labs, the minerals are organic in the sense that they contain living carbon, unlike the minerals other companies produce which are synthetic, dead carbon.
  • carbon is a vital substance that the body cannot do without because it plays an important role in our metabolism. It also is an essential component of amino acids and carbohydrates and other compounds like deoxy-ribonucleic and ribonucleic acids. To maintain acidic balance and to regulate our respiratory system, carbon plays a key role when produced in glycolysis.
  • recall what we said earlier about humification. Organic carbon minerals have only one source: soil that has been humified and enriched by the slow decomposition of plants and other plant matter.
  • most of the trace minerals sold in the market today are deficient in true carbon. After testing by Drucker Labs, it was also discovered that they do not contain important substances like methyls, quinone compound, hetero-cyclic compounds, ketone-ketene like compounds and others.

Q: Why can’t mineral manufacturers produce products with 100% organic carbon?

A: For two reasons:

  1. they probably extract plants that grew on soil that is already depleted, and are lacking the necessary nutrients and organic carbon. This explains why they cannot produce a 100% organic microcomplexed product.
  2. they probably take short cuts in the manufacturing process. It costs a lot of money and time to preserve 100% content of organic microcomplexes and organic carbon during the extraction and manufacturing phases.

At Drucker Labs, it takes over a month (40 days to be exact) to produce one bottle. The company spares no effort to ensure that true organics are incorporated into all its products. The number of compounds and elements are calculated on the basis of cellular and body requirements. So each bottle you buy has been inspected to the last detail and steps are taken that the carbon-bonded minerals, electrolytes and metalo-enzymes are microcomplexed and matched perfectly with the body’s needs.

Q: My nutritionist has set up a balanced meal program for me. Do I still need to supplement my diet with organic trace minerals?

A: Yes, but only if your doctor allows you to. If you’re taking certain medication for conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes or kidney dysfunction, ask your doctor about taking organic trace minerals. Otherwise, if you’re in good health and not taking prescription medication, we don’t see why you shouldn’t supplement your diet with organic trace minerals.

Organic trace minerals will give you a new lease on life. They improve the effectiveness of vitamins and other nutrients from natural food. Your cells thrive on them and so does your immune system. Organic trace minerals are known to properly regulate the central nervous system and to delay the aging process.


Part II: Questions about IntraMAX

Q: intraMAX was recommended to me by a friend. What’s so special about it?

A: There are some special things about IntraMAX. First, it was formulated drl-kid33_4with the latest intraCELL V Technology – a proprietary process developed by Drucker Labs of Texas. This technology transforms inorganic nutrients and elements into substances injected with carbon-bond organic microcomplexed nutrients. This assures that the minerals are easily absorbed and utilized by our body and cells.

Second, the founder of Drucker Labs, Dr. Richard Drucker, devoted more than 18 years to research, analyze and test this intraCELL V Technology. This technology is a three-stage process:

  • Stage 1 is polymerization. This occurs when a molecule is fused with organic carbon promoting the process of chelation;
  • Stage 2 is the breaking down stage. It breaks down the molecules and re-structures them into miniscule (very tiny) particles.
  • Stage 3 – the molecules now have a lower molecular weight and size, making it possible for the body to absorb them more easily. The substances are transformed from inorganic substances to 100% Organic microcomplexed nutrition immediately.

When the conversion takes place, Drucker’s intraCELL V Technology ensures that the true organics are delivered to our cells in no time. This delivered nutrition is now called carbon-bond microcomplexed minerals.

Q: There must be other companies like Drucker Labs’ who manufacture organic carbon dietary supplements. What makes Drucker Labs any different?

A: If there are other companies that use organic carbon dietary supplements, we are not aware of them. What makes Drucker Labs different is it places priority on extracting and developing Fulvic Acid. Fulvic Acid, as we explained in part I of this FAQ, is the best chelating agent there is. It is this chelating mechanism that makes our minerals easily absorbed by the body. Combined with our lab’s intraCELL V Technology, our products are absorbed at their maximum levels.

Another factor that makes us unique is that we do not believe in using preservatives, regardless of whether they are harmful or not. You will not find any sodium benzoate or potassium sorbate in any of our products. Next time you buy a supplement from another manufacture, notice that these two ingredients are used. Drucker Labs has an exclusive process that is 100% organic. This means no:

  • Flow agents
  • Binders
  • Fillers
  • Coatings
  • Chemicals
  • Excipients
  • Gluten
  • Corn
  • Soy
  • Additives
  • Artificial coloring
  • Antibiotics
  • Wheat or yeast

Drucker Labs products do not cause any allergies and are safe for even the most sensitive individuals.

Q: What about aluminum? Are Drucker products made with aluminum?

A: At one time, Drucker Labs did manufacture products with natural aluminum. Natural aluminum is not harmful and is needed by humans. However, it has been linked to Alzheimer’s in some studies so Drucker Labs decided to take it out to alleviate consumer concerns.

Do not confuse any man-made minerals or metals with the chelated aluminum. It might interest you to know that aluminum is the second most abundant mineral and the foods we consume do have organic aluminum. When fused with Fulvic Acid, however, the aluminum becomes aluminum silicate which is completely harmless.

Take beans as an example. One gram of beans has 200 mg. of aluminum silicate. If people are encouraged to include beans in their diet (for fiber and iron), why aren’t bean lovers suffering from Alzheimer’s? Remember that plant-based minerals are attached to organic compounds, acids, proteins and amino acids, and are ionic minerals, not metals.

Q: I’m allergic to iron. Would I have any adverse reaction to intraMAX because of its iron content?

A: There is absolutely nothing to worry about. The iron is covered in carbon and the same is true for the other 415 nutrients. Because of this, the iron can be immediately absorbed or will pass through your system without causing any adverse effects.

Q: Is there a special reason why intraMAX was manufactured as a liquid supplement?

A: Yes. Liquid form is the only way to maintain the true organic state of intraMAX; that is, no heat is used during the manufacturing process. Most drugs and supplements are manufactured using heat and therefore requiring the inclusion of preservatives, chemicals, excipients, coatings and other artificial elements. The second special reason is that intraMAX in liquid form would be absorbed immediately into the bloodstream; making it more effective and efficient.

Q: Is intraMAX supposed to be taken every day?

A: You should take intraMAX six days a week. You need to take nutritional supplements regularly. Your 7th day is your day off from intraMAX to give your body a rest.

We consider six days sufficient for intraMAX to carry out its work. Besides, we live in a polluted society and the foods we eat have undergone some degree of soil contamination. Taking intraMAX for six days ensures our bodies can fight free radicals. Because of modern ills like stress, insomnia and the long term negative consequences of convenience foods, we need a pure and robust nutritional supplement like intraMAX. It will help re-stabilize our cellular activity and will fortify our immune responses.

Q: How much does one get in one bottle of intraMAX?

A: Each bottle contains 33-ounces. In those 33 ounces, you receive more than 415 nutrients. All you need is one ounce a day for six days. This provides you with the ODA (optimum daily allowance) of essential nutrients.

Other supplements have to be taken 2-4 times a day so you buy them more often. Most people spend $300.00 monthly – that’s about $10.00 per day – on supplements and vitamins alone. intraMAX is a cost effective supplement because on an ounce-per-ounce basis, you’re getting organic minerals. Why go cheap on your health?

Q: I noticed that some amounts per serving for certain ingredients are listed whereas other ingredients have no mention of amounts. Why is that?

A: There are 29 nutrients (14 vitamins and 15 minerals) that the United States Food and Drug Administration would require mentioning “amount per serving” and “% daily value.” Random bottles are inspected or analyzed and the amounts may vary from batch to batch.

Q: When I first tried intraMAX, my urine turned yellow. Is this something I should be worried about?

A: There are two reasons why your urine turned bright yellow. Firstly, intraMax contains B vitamins, which commonly causes urine to become yellow. Secondly, your urine turned yellow because your body expelled toxins, thanks to the action of intraMAX. In fact, this could last for a few months, depending on how much toxic build-up your body has. You will also notice that your perspiration might acquire a particular odor and your bowels could be a different color. Take these physical changes as a good sign. It simply means your body is going through a purification exercise, eliminating undesirable toxins.

Q: intraMAX is sold in a plastic bottle. Is there a risk of the plastic contaminating the product?

A: Good question. The answer is no. Drucker Labs make sure that high density plastic bottles are coated before filling them with intraMAX. This coating will not affect the quality of our product; it is your seal of purity.

Today’s glass bottles are manufactured with harmful chemicals. Drucker Labs high density plastic bottles are coated, preventing any leak or contamination.

Q: Is intraMAX a vegetarian or vegan product?

A: It is a vegetarian product because all its ingredients are sourced from plants. It is NOT a vegan product. IntraMAX also contains bee pollen extract, bee propolis and royal jelly. Strictly speaking, these are not vegan ingredients. Drucker Labs goes by the definition of The Vegan Society. It states that all products must be free of any animal ingredients; and bees, as far as the society is concerned, are animals.

Given the integrity and purity of intraMAX and its benefits to health, we have vegan customers who buy our products.

Q: Should intraMAX be refrigerated?

A: To avoid oxidation from occurring, intraMAX must be refrigerated, once opened. It contains significant amounts of organic elements so refrigeration will protect them from oxidation. Compare it to peeling and slicing an apple. Within seconds, it takes on a brown color. The same thing happens to mineral supplements when exposed to air. Only refrigeration can slow down the oxidation process. Always keep your bottle of intraMAX in the fridge when not in use.

Q: Is it advisable to combine intraMAX with the other drugs or nutraceuticals I take?

A: In terms of time, we strongly advise you not to take intraMAX in conjunction with any pharmaceuticals or nutraceuticals within two hours before and after your dose for one reason: IntraMAX contains organic microcomplexes that may affect how the other products are being absorbed. You may however take intraMAX with other pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals provided you take it outside of the 2 hours preceding and following your dose. You may speak to your health care professional for more information.

Q: I love smoothies. What if I put intraMAX into one of my smoothies?

A: Don’t! Drucker Labs products such as intraMIN, intraKID and intraMAX were developed to deliver optimal results by remaining in the mouth for at least 60 seconds and then swallowed. You should immediately take 8 ounces of non-chlorinated and filtered spring water after you swallow the product.

Mixing our products with other drinks is discouraged as our intraCELL V proprietary technology will bind the ingredients of other foods and their effectiveness may be altered. Our products must be taken:

  • on an empty stomach
  • two hours before or after taking pharmaceuticals or nutraceuticals, and
  • at least 30-minutes before or after eating.

Q: What about mixing intraMAX in water, juice, or foods?

A: One thing to remember is that the living carbons in intraMAX will attach themselves to a wide range of substances, from sugar to caffeine. Note that our product is a 100% microcomplexed organic supplement. Once the carbons are attached, they break down the other substances so that they become smaller and are readily absorbed, increasing intake. For example, if you drink a cup of coffee and then take intraMAX after that, your one cup of coffee actually becomes three to five cups of coffee.

The same thing happens when you take solids. The intraMAX technology will make the minerals latch on to the foods and nutrients, leading to increased intake and absorption.

We’d also like to mention that if you drink water coming straight from the tap right after you take intraMAX, you might have a skin rash. It will disappear after an hour and is totally harmless. Try to install a water filter in your faucet or buy bottled water. Buy brands that do not have chlorine as an ingredient.

Abstain from eating or drinking for at least 30-minutes before and after taking intraMAX for maximum benefit.

Q: My doctor told me to take Calcium-Magnesium last month. Can I take this supplement with intraMAX?

A: Do NOT take your calcium-magnesium supplements with intraMAX. Drucker Labs does not recommend doubling up for these reasons:

  • There’s a chance that the type of calcium you’re taking could accumulate in the bloodstream, and end up in the brain. Make sure the calcium you’re taking is the one that goes into your bone marrow. It is where red blood cells are created. The wrong type of calcium could expel the potassium from your body, and leave behind its by-product, glutamate.
  • In order for your body to enjoy optimal functioning, you need to take calcium citrate, calcium succinate, and calcium ascorbate. Our intraMAX product contains all three. Together with the more than 415 ingredients found in intraMAX, they enjoy the presence of living carbon, thanks to our intraCELL V technology. This ensures the best absorption. Some companies that sell chelated, colloidal, or ionic products claim 100% absorption, but the truth is, the absorption rate is a poor 30%. Drucker Labs products are 100% absorbed, due to its proprietary technology.
  • Most calcium-magnesium supplements have a thick and milky texture and this is what consumers are accustomed to seeing. When they use intraMAX for the first time, they may wonder if the product does have the calcium, magnesium, and all the other 415+ ingredients. Given that Drucker Labs needs 40 days to manufacture one bottle, the technology breaks down all ingredients so that the body will not reject the ingredients.
  • As for magnesium, it’s not the calcium-magnesium ratio that should concern us. We should be more concerned about taking the right kind of magnesium. Our intraMAX product has three important types of magnesium: (a) magnesium citrate, (b) magnesium malate, and (c) magnesium taurinate.
  • Everything your body needs at balanced ratios is already integrated into intraMAX so you don’t have to take other mineral/vitamin supplements. Save your money by not doubling up. Be kind to your health by not mixing intraMAX with other products.

Q: Can you explain why intraMAX bottles slightly differ from one another? Aren’t all bottles manufactured with the same ingredients?

A: Good point. Three factors account for these slight differences: color, size of sediments and taste.

  • Color: it is normal for product batches or lots to vary because the product is composed of live carbons. It also has more than 415 natural ingredients. These would slightly affect the liquid color. Your granny smith apples don’t have the same green hue. Some are darker than others.
  • Size of sediment: our unique processing will also affect the size of sediments, but this in no way diminishes the quality and consistency of our product.
  • Taste: flavors may vary from bottle to bottle. This is normal and should be no cause for concern. You can attribute these variations in the cold-processing method that our products go through.

Q: If I gave my young son or daughter intraMAX, would there be any consequences?

A: None at all! intraMAX was developed with tiny tots and seniors in mind. It is universally safe. Your child stands to gain from wholesome nutrition which intraMAX provides. So will your aging parents. The idea is to give them not only nourishment but also the ability to resist the effects of low quality foods and environmental pollution. Instead of giving your loved ones chewable vitamins which are plentiful in drug stores, choose a dietary supplement that guarantees at least 415 ingredients that are protected by living carbon, not dead carbon.

Q: I travel a lot and I usually pack my supplements. If my intraMAX goes through airport security scanning, will its contents be affected?

A: No. Airport X-ray machines are low in radiation. The speed at which items are checked out of the conveyor belts also ensures that the quality of the


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9 thoughts on “intraMax Vitamin FAQ”

    1. Hi Grace,

      The intraMAX formula is designed to be highly absorbable. If you take medication within 2 hours, it may increase the absorption of the medication and deliver more to the blood than normally occurs. Please follow the directions and speak with your healthcare provider if you have any questions about this.

  1. Is the amount of Aloe Vera used in intraMAX safe to take internally? I’ve heard that it is not good to take Aloe Vera internally.

    1. Hi Phillip,

      intraMAX contains a minimal amount of Aloe Vera. It is just a trace amount and should not be a problem.

      Best Regards,

  2. I take 2 prescription drug Armour Thyroid and Valsartan. Is it safe to take this vitamin while using these prescription medications?

    1. Hi Margie,

      We cannot give that type of recommendation. You would have to ask the doctor that prescribed the medication. However, we can tell you, that because intraMax absorbs so easily, it is recommended that you don’t take medication within 2 hours of using it.

      Hope this helps.



  3. With the amount of ingredients in this product, have you tested it to be a suitable antimicrobial for problems such as Lyme, co-infections and other disease processes?

  4. I have lyme disease which has impacted my thyroid for years. I react adversely to any product that contains iodine and kelp, except for lugols iodine solution. Tinnitus in my ears gets more pronounced and i cant fall asleep. Has this product affected anyone with thyroid issues in the same way?

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