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Metagenics Cenitol Review

Metagenics Cenitol When you’re depressed, you can’t seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but with Metagenics Cenitol, you’ll see that the tunnel is not as dark as it seems. Metagenics provides people suffering from depression, panic attacks, or obsessive-compulsive disorder relief from their health problems with the right nervous system support in Cenitol, a formulation of inositol and magnesium.

Lowered Inositol Levels

Inositol levels in depressed people have been found out to be lower than the average and lithium, which is often prescribed to them, lowers the levels even more. Lowered inositol levels are also found in people suffering from panic attacks and OCD. While inositol is present in oranges, nuts, seeds, cereals with a high bran content, and legumes, but it takes more than just eating more of these food to get the right amount of inositol for mood disorders. For inositol to take effect, you need about 12-18 grams of inositol. This means you need an inositol supplement, such as Metagenics Cenitol.

Inositol is a naturally-occurring compound that makes up cellular membranes. It is sometimes called Vitamin B8, although it’s not officially a vitamin but a precursor to phospholipids which are fat-soluble, naturally-occurring molecules in the cellular structure. Phospholipids and inositol are essential for signal transmission in our neurotransmitters. The inositol in Metagenics Cenitol regulates serotonin and insulin. It also helps our bodies break down fats and reduce the cholesterol in the blood.

Inositol Effective in Mood Disorders

Studies have shown that inositol is effective in treating panic disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, bulimia nervosa, binge eating and depression. It may also assist people who are suffering from insomnia because it regulates serotonin levels. According to the Metagenics website, inositol supports positive mood because it serves as a second messenger for several neurotransmitters.

Magnesium and Depression

Aside from inositol, Metagenics Cenitol also contains magnesium which has been proven effective in treating major depression. A clinical study has suggested that magnesium deficiency may be the culprit in depression and supplementing magnesium into the diet has had amazing benefits for those who are suffering from this mental disorder. The reason behind this is because a lack of magnesium in the body leads to pro-inflammatory cytokines which increases the symptoms of depression. In as little as seven days, magnesium supplementation has improved the outlook of depressed persons, making it a safe alternative to antidepressants which may have hazardous side effects.

The combination of magnesium and inositol in Cenitol by Metagenics make it a great addition to your diet if you are suffering from depressive disorders, panic attacks, or anxiety. Don’t let your suffering go on and on and supplement your diet with Metagenics Cenitol. With this great Metagenics product, you’ll be sure that what you’re taking is safe and free from any major side effects that may worsen your condition. Because it comes in a powder form, Cenitol is easily absorbed in the body. It is also vegetarian supplement so you don’t have to make any lifestyle changes if you’re on a vegan diet.

So take heart and take Metagenics Cenitol and experience the lightness of being that often is elusive in people with depression and other mood disorders.

Metagenics Cal Apatite Review

People get turned off by huge calcium tablets and give the fate of their bones to chance, but with Metagenics Cal Apatite’s smaller tablets, you’ll met-cala270-13118_4be sure your bones get the calcium they need minus the difficult swallowing. Everyone knows that health supplements are not created the same; with Metagenics, you know you get only the best. Cal Apatite is no different as it is hands down one of the top calcium supplements out in the market today.

Calcium Supplements or Not?

Why take additional calcium when you can definitely take milk, yogurt, and cheese? According to the Office of Dietary Supplements of the National Institutes of Health, these food products are the main sources of calcium for people in the United States. Yet, take a look at your daily diet and see whether or not you are taking in enough of these foods to sustain your calcium needs. Not very likely. That’s why calcium supplements, such as Cal Apatite, can take the guesswork out of whether or not you have adequate calcium daily.

Calcium Deficiency

Calcium deficiency may not be felt in the short-term. However, as you age, you might experience health problems due to lack of calcium. Bone loss is an inevitable result as you grow older, but there are other individuals that are more likely to get calcium deficiency, such as:

  • Postmenopausal women
  • Amenorrheic women
  • Female athletes and active women in the military
  • Individuals with cow’s milk allergy or lactose intolerance
  • Vegetarians

According to the NIH, about 10 million adults experience osteoporosis which is a disorder that is characterized by porous and fragile bones. Most (specifically 80%) of these 10 million adults are women. When calcium is supplemented, especially for older persons, it is enough to reduce the likelihood of fracture from falls.

Bioavailable Calcium

When it comes to health supplements, ‘bioavailable’ is the magic word. Most calcium supplements are made from non-bioavailable compounds which make it difficult to absorb this mineral into our bodies. Cal Apatite is guaranteed to be made up of bioavailable calcium for maximum absorption. Its microcrystalline structure is even verified by X-ray diffraction analysis and does not contain heavy metal contamination.

Cal Apatite by Metagenics is made of bioavailable calcium made from cold-processed MCHC or microcrystalline hydroxyapatite concentrate. MCHC is a complex crystalline compound that is made up of calcium, phosphorus, and delicate organic factors and protein matrix. Cal Apatite also has bone-derived growth factors and all the trace minerals that your body needs for healthy bones.

The MCHC used in Cal Apatite is taken from free-range cattle from New Zealand, in pastures that are certified pesticide-free, so you’re sure that Cal Apatite does not contain any substances other than health-nourishing ones. As a result of the high-quality MCHC used, Cal Apatite also contains 20% collagen protein and not just any other collagen protein but Type 1 collagen which is a main component of bones. This is further proof of the quality of the MCHC used in Cal Apatite.

Cal Apatite provides for the calcium you need to create and maintain strong bones. You can take three tablets three times a day because calcium absorption decreases as the amount of calcium intake increases. Don’t forget to take the right diet and exercise as well. With adequate amounts of sunshine and Cal Apatite, you’ll be on a journey towards healthier bones and protect them from bone loss or bone thinning.

Metagenics Chromium Picolinate Review

Chromium is one of the most important minerals for the body. It is used to help with many different biological processes, and when chromium levels are low the body can feel fatigued and anxious. Mood swings are also met-chronb-13637_4common, and cardiovascular function can become hindered. Chromium deficiencies can be relatively common, and one of the best ways to ensure that you are getting enough chromium is with Metagenics Chromium Picolinate.

Chromium can also have great benefits for the body. One of the best aspects of chromium is that it can help to maintain energy levels. It does this by helping to support proper digestion. Chromium helps to process carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, and this helps to supply energy to the body. Chromium is also used to move glucose from the blood to the cells where it can be used for energy.

Chromium can also be a great way to support healthy cholesterol levels. Along with a healthy diet chromium can help to keep cholesterol at safe levels. It works to reduce LDL levels, which is bad cholesterol. LDL deposits plaque throughout the cardiovascular system, and this causes blockages in the arteries. Once the arteries become blocked a heart attack or stroke usually occurs.

Chromium can also help to regulate brain function. People who have a chromium deficiency often have drastic mood swings and they can succumb to anxiety easily. Chromium helps the brain to function in its proper state, and this may help to reduce stress, anxiety, and mood swings.

Chromium is one of the most essential minerals. A chromium deficiency can cause numerous side effects, and it could alter your psyche. If you think that you aren’t receiving enough chromium in your daily diet you should consider supplementing with chromium. Metagenics is one of the best brands for natural supplements, so try Metagenics Chromium Picolinate.

Metagenics Endura Review

It can be hard to maintain endurance and stamina during strenuous exercise. Most people struggle to supply their body with energy during met-endor-14293_4workouts, and this can lead to your body physically failing before you are mentally ready to stop. I’ve played racquetball for quite a few years, and I frequently found that although I wanted to keep on playing my body just wasn’t capable of playing any longer. When you push your body too far you frequently end up with injuries, and I was leaving the gym with pulled muscles that would remain sore for days. I was recommended Metagenics Endura.

Metagenics Endura is a great endurance supplement that contains safe and natural ingredients – it comes in both lemon-lime and orange flavor. It helps to provide the body with electrolytes, but my favorite aspect of Endura is the B vitamins that it supplies the body.

It contains the following B vitamins:

  • Thiamin helps to energize the body by turning carbohydrates into energy. It also helps to promote proper muscle function, and both these factors can help to improve work outs.
  • Riboflavin is also used by the body to turn carbohydrates into cellular energy.
  • Niacin can help to support the joints. It can help to maintain – and sometimes even improve – the mobility and range of motion in the joints.
  • Vitamin B6 helps to maintain proper nervous function
  • Pantothenic Acid helps to stimulate adrenal hormones.

As you can see the B vitamins are a great way to provide the body with improved energy levels, and it can also help to support the joints and the muscles. The addition of B vitamins are why I prefer to use Endura to other energy supplements.

If you find that your body fails on you before you are actually ready to stop working out you should try Metagenics Endura. Endura helps to provide electrolytes and nutrients that can help to promote endurance and stamina.

Metagenics EC Matrixx Review

Connective tissues are among some of the most important tissues to the body. They help to give structural support to the body, and they help to hold the organs in place, the muscles to the bones, and the bones to other met-ecm-17836_4bones. Without connective tissues the body would simply fall apart, so it is important to support the connective tissues. The connective tissues include:

  • Tendons
  • Ligaments
  • Cartilage

If the connective tissues are weak injury is more likely to occur. This could come in the form of a torn MCL or rotator cuff, among many others. These injuries can cause excruciating pain. Even more importantly they are hard to recover from, and can leave the body weaker.

Metagenics EC Matrixx is a great way to support strong and healthy connective tissues. What makes EC Matrixx such a great product is that it supports the extracellular matrix, which is a major component of connective tissues. The extracellular matrix is important, because it provides the structure for the connective tissues. EC Martrixx also works to balance enzymes that might cause connective tissue damage.

The body contains matrix metalloproteinase enzymes. When the body experiences inflammation or injury these enzymes can become unbalanced, and actually destroy the connective tissues. This can lead to an increase in injury. EC Matrixx contains a number of ingredients that can help to balance these enzymes and reduce their destructive capabilities. Some of these ingredients that help to balance enzymes are berberine hcl and folic acid.

EC Matrixx is the perfect supplement for a person who is trying to maintain the structural integrity of their body. It can also be a great way for the athlete to help reduce the risk of tendon or ligament damage, and it can also help the body to become stronger after repeated injury.

If you’re trying to remain active, but fear injury, or are just trying to maintain a healthy body Metagenics EC Matrixx can offer your body great connective tissue support.

Metagenics NanoCell-Q Review

On our EarthTurns blog, we’ve discussed the phenomenal benefits of met-cqlq-15764_7CoQ10. CoQ10 can be a great way to support a healthy cardiovascular system, and it is essential to proper cardiovascular function. CoQ10 is found naturally in the body, and it is most abundant around the heart. Supplementing with CoQ10, as found in NanoCell Q can help to keep the cardiovascular system healthy, and it can help to provide energy to the body.

So now that we’ve refreshed ourselves on the basics, let’s discuss more details about this great Metagenics supplement. NanoCell-Q is a CoQ10 supplement by Metagenics that can help to support the heart. Since this CoQ10 supplement is made by Metagenics you know that it can be trusted. Metagenics only brings the finest and purest supplements to their customers, and you know that when you’re searching for a dependable supplement brand trusting the production quality is of the utmost importance.

So why is NanoCell-Q so great?

Metagenics have combined nutrition with technology to produce this wonderful CoQ10 supplement. NanoCell Q provides the body with highly absorbable CoQ10, and it utilizes nanomicelle technology. Nanomicelle provides the body with molecules that are 1000 times smaller than other micelle formulas. This helps to put the CoQ10 closer to the cell membranes, and it also allows CoQ10, which is normally fat soluble, to be water soluble. NanoCell-Q also contains highly bioavailable CoQ10, and it can help to increase CoQ10 plasma levels by 25 to 50% more than other formulas.

NanoCell-Q also comes in a delicious orange flavored liquid. This is the perfect supplement for people who don’t like taking capsules or tablets. Just one teaspoon mixed with a drink, or taken on its own, can provide your body with bio-available CoQ10.

Protecting your heart is incredibly important, and one of the best ways to protect the heart is with CoQ10. CoQ10 helps to keep the cardiovascular healthy, and NanoCell-Q is a great CoQ10 supplement. It utilizes nanomicelle technology, and it may help to raise CoQ10 plasma levels more than other brands.

Metagenics Celapro Review

Metagenics Celapro

The body is made up of trillions of cells. These cells are responsible for carrying out maintenance and numerous tasks throughout the body. Some cells aid in digestion, while others are used to support the brain. Cells complete biological jobs that we aren’t capable of doing, so maintaining healthy cells is unbelievably important. Metagenics Celapro can help to support cellular health within the body. Celapro contains natural ingredients that promote proper cell function and a healthy cellular aging process.
Celapro starts by protecting the cells from free radicals. Free radicals are one of the main agents that harm cells, and free radicals can lead to numerous diseases and premature aging. To fight free radicals Celapro uses green tea extract, turmeric rhizome, and lycopene, which are powerful antioxidants. Scientists even believe that green tea extract is a more powerful antioxidant than Vitamin A and E.
Antioxidants work to fight and prevent the formation of free radicals. Free radicals interact with cells, and they can change cellular DNA. Free radicals cause serious damage to cells, and they can even kill them. Celapro is one of the best ways to fight free radical damage.
Lycopene is not only an antioxidant. Lycopene offers great support to cellular health, because it helps to maintain healthy cell membranes. The cell membrane is essential to cellular health, because it is in charge of what enters and exits the cells.
When a cell membrane isn’t functioning properly it can let in potentially harmful matter that can destroy cellular health. Lycopene can also help to promote eye health, and it can be a great way to prevent the onset of age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.
Perhaps one of the most beneficial ingredients found in Celapro is d-limonene. D-Limonene is commonly found in fruit peels, and it helps to protect the cells from toxins. D-Limonene also plays an important role in removing dead cells from the body. Dead cells can remain in the body for long periods of time and turn toxic, so removing them is important to the body’s health. D-Limonene helps to quickly remove dead cells before they are able to become toxic. D-Limonene can also help to prevent health problems by stopping mutated cells from replicating. Mutated cells can cause the body to not function correctly, and this can cause a number of diseases.
Your body’s cells are responsible for making your body function correctly. They help to carry out biological processes that you have no control over, so maintaining their health is important to your health. Metagenics Celapro can help to maintain cellular health by fighting free radicals, promoting healthy cell membranes, stopping mutated cells from replicating, and removing dead cells from the body.

Metagenics Cal Matrix Review

Supporting joint health is probably the most important aspect of maintaining mobility as you age. Joints are where two bones meet, and they allow you to make large gestures, like a big wave goodbye, or small met-cal1000180-10073_4movements, like the flick of a finger. One of the best ways to support joint health is with Metagenics Cal Matrix. Cal Matrix contains natural ingredients that support healthy joints and bones.

Healthy joints start with strong bones, and to help promote bone strength Metagenics has included the ingredients microcrystalline hydroxyapatite (MCHC), Vitamin D, and horsetail. MCHC is a nutrient that gives the body calcium that can be easily absorbed. Calcium is the most important substance to maintaining strong and healthy bones. MCHC also contains amino acids, collagen protein, and growth factors that can help to maintain healthy bones.

Vitamin D is vital to how calcium works in the body. Calcium isn’t easily absorbed by the body, but Vitamin D helps to absorb and utilize calcium. This helps to ensure that your body receives the benefits that calcium has to offer, and it can lead to stronger bones.

Horsetail is also used in Cal Matrix to support bone strength. Horsetail is important to the body, because it helps the body to store more calcium. More calcium stored leads to stronger bones that


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