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Diabetes Remedies

Natural Remedies

When people hear diabetes, the first two things they think about are “sugar” and “insulin.” That’s because sugar and insulin are directly related to the development of diabetes. Diabetes is a condition sugary foodsthat affects people whose bodies are unable to process blood sugar efficiently. This problem is triggered by insulin – a hormone that is produced by the pancreas.

Diabetes is of two types: type I is called insulin-dependent diabetes. It means that the pancreas has stopped producing insulin. Type II is called non-insulin dependent diabetes and means that the body is resisting the effects of insulin. In both types, sugar is not being processed properly and large amounts of it are present in the blood and urine.

Type I diabetes affects mostly the young while type II affects adults over 40.

Symptoms of Diabetes

Type I Diabetes: frequent thirst, frequent urination, irregular breathing, weight loss, itchiness in the genital organs and loss of sensitivity in the feet.

Type II Diabetes: same symptoms as type I and in addition, poor vision and fatigue.

People diagnosed with type II diabetes are typically overweight (they weigh 30% more than their ideal body weight). They are fat around the middle (abdomen), forcing the pancreas to produce more insulin. When there is excessive pressure on the pancreas and it can no longer meet insulin demand, diabetes develops. It is a disease that is often associated with family history and poor health habits.

Natural Remedies for Diabetes

Word of caution: if you think you have diabetes, consult your doctor immediately. All he needs to do is order a blood sample to determine how high (or low) your blood sugar level is. If you follow your doctor’s advice about changing your lifestyle, being physically active and eating more healthy meals, chances are good that you won’t require any medication.

You can also try some natural treatments for diabetes, provided your doctor says it is alright; if he has put you on certain prescription medication, it is important that you ask him about taking natural supplements. To ensure you’re getting genuine all-natural remedies, choose products made in the USA. Here are a few suggestions:

    • Diabin – this is a natural blood sugar supplement that type I and type II diabetics can take. It helps in the more efficient process of insulin and in the metabolism of glucose; it also enhances insulin performance. This natural remedy provides the nutrients our body needs, therefore minimizing cravings.


    • GTF Chromium – GTF stands for “glucose tolerance factor” and is responsible for stimulating insulin performance in the body. Insufficient chromium can result in diabetes, obesity and heart problems. Made in the USA by Dee Cee Labs, this product will actively help in controlling blood sugar levels.


  • Cinnamon Bark Powder – back in the old days, cinnamon was thought of as a medicine and a natural cure. That belief has not changed. Many herbalists and alternative medicine practitioners strongly recommend a cinnamon bark supplement because of its ability to counteract poor sugar levels. Tests show that type II diabetics who took this American made supplement were able to reduce their fasting blood glucose; the amount of their triglycerides and cholesterol had also diminished.

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