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Formula 303 Benefits

All Natural Muscle Relaxant

Formula 303 is a fantastic natural muscle relaxant for people of all ages and activity level. The benefits are numerous, and could help almost f303-250_4anybody. Whether you’ve been digging ditches or have tension built up in your shoulders from sitting at a desk all day long, Formula 303 can help you.

Don’t live another day with tension or pain! Take Formula 303 to relieve muscle pain, leg cramps, tension, menstrual cramps, tight muscles, stress, and nervousness. Formula 303 can also help as an aid for those with insomnia by helping to relieve ‘busy brain’ and relax you.

Formula 303 is Natural – Benefits of Formula 303

Formula 303 is all natural. It’s made with a wonderful and effective mix of valerian root, passion flower, and magnesium. All these ingredients have been used for years to help treat muscle spasm pain and nervousness.

Dee Cee Labs has created the perfect mix of natural ingredients that work together. Don’t take a muscle relaxant that is only made with valerian root or passion flower. These ingredients work better together!

Prescription drugs can be dangerous. You never know how your body could react to the chemicals and ingredients found in pharmaceuticals. Formula 303 is all natural. You can feel safe in taking this non-habit forming muscle relaxant.

Un-natural pain relievers can also make you feel groggy, and like you’re in a constant haze. Formula 303 won’t make you tired or groggy, and will leave you feeling refreshed when you wake up in the morning.

How Does Formula 303 Work on Stress and Nervousness?

Stress and anxiety can ruin your life. At times it can be hard to truly remove yourself from work or from the numerous issues that can inundate your serenitylife. It often seems that once you are in a stressful or anxious mood it is impossible to get rid of. Besides treating muscle pain and spasms, Formula 303 is a great natural way to help relieve nervousness and stress.

Valerian root and passion flower have been used as a natural anti-anxiety remedy for centuries. Magnesium takes the edge off by taking the nerve cells out of a state of excitation. Passion flower combats the nervousness and anxiety that you can feel on a day in and day out basis, and valerian root calms and can relieve you of your bad moods. Every ingredient in Formula 303 can be used to help relieve stress and nervousness!

Over 2 million people have trusted Formula 303 to treat their muscle spasm and stress, and it’s been used for over 49 years. Don’t hold yourself back any longer.

Maybe the best benefit of Formula 303 is you can give life all you’ve got. Don’t be afraid to work hard in the yard all day or at the gym. Don’t fear any kind manual labor any longer! With Formula 303 you can work hard for hours, and treat the muscle pain associated with strenuous labor.

Formula 303 is made in the USA to ensure quality, purity, and safety.


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2 thoughts on “Formula 303 Benefits”

  1. Is formula 303 safe for dogs? We have an aging Aussie who just pants & paces at night. I love the product for myself and wonder if a low dose would be beneficial for him?

    1. Hi,
      Yes, Formula 303 can be used with dogs. Dee Cee Labs recommended the following dosages:
      Dogs 50+ lbs. = 1 whole tablet
      Dogs under 50 lbs. = 1/2 tablet
      Toy Breeds = 1/4 tablet

      Thank you,

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